ALDI Teams Up with Planet Ark Battery Initiative

Each year, more than 300 million household batteries are thrown away with ordinary waste, according to Planet Ark. They estimate a staggering 8,000 tonnes of batteries (and their toxic chemicals) end up in our landfill, which is potentially harmful to wildlife and our environment.

That’s why ALDI have proudly joined forces with Planet Ark as the first supermarket in Australia to offer a free recycling service for household batteries in every store. You can do your part by dropping your used AA, AAA, C, D or 9V batteries (rechargeable and non-rechargeable) into the dedicated recycling bin located at the front of an ALDI store. It’s easy and it’s free!


Find out more on the ALDI Corporate site about: ALDI's Battery Recycling Initiative

You have returned more than 55 tonnes of batteries!*

ALDI and Planet Ark would like to say thank you to all of our customers for your support in achieving this fantastic result.

How it works – it’s free and simple!
Simply drop your used household batteries into the recycling bin located in every ALDI store – it’s that simple! Any brand of used batteries are welcome**, and best of all, it’s absolutely free.

* Relates to the amount of batteries returned, by weight, as part of ALDI’s Activ Energy Battery Recycling program since its launch in October 2012.
** Sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V can be recycled instore. For automotive, button and other battery sizes, please visit to find your nearest drop-off point.