ALDI is the First Australian Supermarket to Receive the Heart Foundation’s Approval

At ALDI, we use straightforward product labeling so you have easy access to affordable, healthier food options and can make informed purchasing decisions.

In August 2011, we became the first Australian supermarket to earn the Heart Foundation Tick of approval across a wide range of healthier exclusive branded products, from breads down to cooking sauces. It’s now even easier to buy healthier items, without having to pay more. It’s all part of our ongoing initiative to improve the nutritional contents of our products and make more eligible for the big Tick!

About the Heart Foundation Tick Program

The Heart Foundation Tick is the sign of a leading brand. But stringent nutritional standards must still be met before any food is Tick approved.

What does the Tick mean?
A Tick approved food means it is a healthier choice when compared to similar foods. Where appropriate, Tick approved foods must meet standards for saturated fat, trans fat, salt, kilojoules, fibre and serve size.

How is the Tick earned?

All foods must pass independent tests before they can use the Tick. Once earned, foods are then subject to random testing to ensure the Heart Foundation Tick’s strict standards are maintained.

What is the goal of the Heart Foundation Tick?
The Tick is the Heart Foundation’s guide to making healthier food choices easy. It also encourages foods to be developed and modified to meet strict nutritional standards.