Supporting Australian Producers

ALDI Supporting Australian Businesses

ALDI believe helping Aussie businesses grow is the way to go. We’re proud to say that we partner with a diverse range of the country’s finest suppliers and growers. It’s something we’re passionate about and will continue to do. 

Here’s just a few stories of how ALDI support Aussie businesses and growers:

SPC Ardmona

SPC Ardmona is an iconic Australian manufacturer, known and loved for their canned fruit and vegetable products.

The exceptional partnership between ALDI and SPC stretches back more than a decade, to the first day ALDI opened its doors in Australia.

 After SPC Ardmona experienced difficult times recently, ALDI has increased our support by moving our entire 825g canned fruit range to Australian Made. We are glad to pledge our support to SPC Ardmona and the local processed fruit industry.

“We commend ALDI for their commitment to buying quality Australian made produce and investing in the future of food processing in our country.” Says Peter Kelly, Managing Director of SPC Ardmona.

You too can get on board, by purchasing locally grown and canned Australian products at ALDI, and further supporting Aussie fruit growers.

MON Natural Foods

MON Natural Foods

The MON Natural Foods story began in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley region in 1899.  Now based in Barooga on the banks of the Murray River, they are one of the few true 100% owned and operated Australian food companies still remaining today, and have built a lasting national reputation for producing quality tomato sauce and other delicious products.        

MON Natural Foods employ local people and source local raw materials. ALDI has enjoyed partnering with MON Natural Foods for years. We look forward to many more successful years ahead with this iconic Australian manufacturer, stocking a flavoursome range of products.                                                                                   

By buying Australian goods, you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, but are also getting some of the world’s finest products in your home.

Spring Gully Foods

Spring Gully Foods

Spring Gully Foods is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated manufacturing business based in South Australia whom ALDI have enjoyed working with for years.

When Spring Gully experienced difficult times recently and asked for support, ALDI were glad to assist. We’re looking forward to many more successful years with Spring Gully.

ALDI continues to help this family business turn adversity into opportunity.


“ALDI has a genuine policy of supporting Australian manufacturing businesses,” says John Tisdale, Group Managing Director, Jalco Group. “We now proudly supply ALDI with more than 65 different products from six of our eight manufacturing facilities.”

Thanks to the huge demand for ALDI products, more than 110 people in Jalco, Sydney alone enjoy Australian manufacturing jobs.

This strong partnership between ALDI and Jalco Group stretches back more than a decade, to the first day ALDI opened its doors in Australia.

“ALDI’s continuous support in these challenging market conditions is delivering positive input to Jalco Group’s operations,” Mr Tisdale says. “But more than that, our ongoing relationship with ALDI sustains the livelihood of many Australian employees and their families.”



Trendpac is a 100% Australian business that has experienced substantial growth since partnering with ALDI just over 10 years ago.

Established in 1963, the family-owned operation produces many of ALDI's household cleaning and personal care products as well as their plastic packaging.

While the business enjoyed steady growth since opening its doors, it wasn't until partnering with ALDI in 2001 that things really took off.

Since then, Trendpac has been able to expand its plant on NSW's Central Coast into a world-class facility while investing more into product development.

In fact, to keep up with ALDI's demand, Trendpac is yet again planning for expansion. For Australia, it means more jobs created at home and, for ALDI customers, it means more quality products at low prices.