Our low prices aren’t going anywhere

For almost 20 years, it’s been our mission to provide unbeatable value for our customers. Even though the world looks very different right now, our commitment to low prices remains the same. If anything, the current challenges make us more committed than ever.

It’s good news for our shoppers

Last year it was independently calculated* that ALDI saves its Australian customers over $2.2 billion dollars every year, when compared to shopping at our major competitors. That means more money in the back pockets of more Aussie families. To buy a nice dinner. Or grow your collection of meerkat statues. Totally up to you.

We go as low as we can

Try as we might, we can’t control all the factors that influence our pricing, including what’s happening in the world around us. We do our best to keep prices stable through all the world events and unexpected challenges that arise, but occasionally there will be fluctuations. As part of our commitment to everyday low prices, if prices do go up, we make it a priority to bring them down again as soon as possible. 

But how do we stay so low?

By doing things differently to other supermarkets. Simply put, we look at every part of our business and remove the bits we don’t need, passing on the savings to you. Like no shelves, simpler store layouts, fewer registers and coin operated trolleys. And BYO bags – we were doing it before it was cool.
We also work closely with our suppliers. From household essentials to fresh local produce, we’ve built fair relationships with our suppliers over the years, growing our businesses sustainably together.


No compromising quality

‘Good enough’ is never good enough at ALDI, because one thing we never forego is our dedication to quality. We work hard to make sure our exclusive brands are just as good, or even better, than our market leading competitors. What you’re not paying for is a famous brand name – although our own brands are pretty famous in their own right these days.

Find out more about our commitment to fresh produce here.

*Making a Good Difference: How ALDI contributes to the Australian Economy, prepared in partnership with PwC, 2019