We’ve packed a trolley full of awards for, well, practically everything. From liquor to fruit and veg, we’re the only supermarket with a 5-star rating for quality, value, freshness and overall satisfaction.

Most Satisfied Shoppers

Thanks to you, we’ve won the award for Australia’s Most Satisfied Customers (again). Our staff, suppliers and farmers are proud of this one (again).  Here’s to winning Australia’s Most Satisfied Customers of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

We’re looking forward to keeping Aussie shoppers satisfied into the future, with our exciting, unique and low-price shopping experience.

Overall Supermarket Meats

Love surf n’ turf? Good. Because ALDI’s been rated the undisputed champion of supermarket beef, pork, chicken and lamb for the FOURTH year in a row. And we’ve been named the best catch for fish and seafood for the second year running (yes, we specialise in fishing for compliments too).

And speaking of compliments, how about a round of applause for our Aussie suppliers? ALDI’s Aussie-first supplier policy means 100% of ALDI's fresh meat is proudly Australian grown, making shopping for affordable, quality local meat easier than ever. Getting the best savings on Australia’s best, how gooderer is that?

Fruit & Vegetables

A lot goes into supplying an award-winning range of  Supermarket Fruit and Vegetable products. This win reaffirms our commitment to sourcing locally and working closely with Aussie farmers.

Our fruit and vegetables are 97% Australian Grown and we’re 100% proud of our local farmers. We work closely with them to ensure we’re supplying the right produce at the right times. We couldn’t have done this without them. Seriously.

Liquor Retailers

Our customers know that our liquor range is no stranger to a gold medal and now we’ve been awarded the country’s best liquor retailer, we’ll clink a glass to that!

We partner with some of the best breweries, winemakers and spirit producers both in Australia and internationally to deliver outstanding quality at even better prices, so you can sip on the savings.

Together, we develop products from start to finish. Their expertise on growing conditions, harvesting, fermenting, aging, bottling and more allow for great-tasting products at unbeatable prices. Cheers!

We’ve also won awards for this, that, those, these. You name it. From cheese, chocolate, coffee, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid to nappies. We’ve got awards for the lot. So, we’re going to need a bigger trophy cabinet and you’re going to need a bigger trolley.