If I can't find my receipt and my product is still under warranty, what should I do?
Most products sold by ALDI will require a receipt (or other proof of purchase), so the purchase date can be determined, however, an original receipt is not the only type of proof of purchase accepted. Other types include banks statements, warranty cards and credit/debit card statements, so the purchase date can be determined.

Why don't ALDI stores provide lay-by?
We endeavour to keep our business simple and efficient so that we can pass on the savings to you. Offering such a service would add costs to our business which we would then have to pass onto you via higher prices. The higher prices would be worn by all of our customers, including those who didn't use the service.

I purchased an item from a store, am I able to return it to my closest store?
You can return special buys™ items within the return period specified on the product to any store. After this return period, you can contact the Warranty Helpline or visit your local ALDI store for assistance.
Further, a receipt (or other proof of purchase) may be accepted for a non-specials product.

For a non-specials product, please ensure you have your receipt.

You can view our full returns policy here.

I would like to purchase a certain product in bulk – can I get a discount?
Because our products are already at a low price, we do not offer any further discounts.