Our fresh Aussie Pork migration

Your pick for 100% Aussie grown pork.

Our Aussie first supplier policy keeps 100% of our fresh meat Australian grown. Our meat migrates from the same farms as other supermarkets, we just sell at low prices because that’s who we are.

Get the lowdown on pork below:

Pork from all over.

Our fresh pork migrates to our stores from all over Australia – from those in NSW to the Darling Downs in QLD. ALDI’s low prices don’t mean low quality. Our pork comes from the same farms as other supermarkets.

Meet the Campbells.

Established in 1969, BE Campbells sources meat from independent family farmers to process for ALDI. Cuts supplied to ALDI include fresh pork ribs, belly, legs, mince and more.

Crafting the perfect crackle.

To get the best crackling, dry meat out before cooking by patting down with a paper towel and refrigerating for at least 1 hour (ideally overnight). Once enough time has passed, pour a jug of boiling water over your cut and rub with vegetable oil and coarse salt. It’s now ready to be roasted!

What should I look for in store?

Look for firm meat that is slightly pink or pale in colour. An even coverage of rind is important for flavour and crackling! A 1.5kg roast should feed a family of 5.

How do I store pork?

Follow the best before or use by date on your pork’s packaging. Keep in refrigerator rind side up and below 4°C. Frozen pork can be kept for 6 months. Ensure you thaw correctly before cooking (ideally in the fridge).