Experience the joy of savings.

Whether your vibe is Knoppers, Ash Brie, Fresh Salmon or an impulse buy TV,  low prices will always be ours. In fact, Aussie families can save up to $2400 a year just by switching to ALDI. No blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sales. We keep things simple with savings every time you shop. So you can roll where the trolley takes you, lose yourself to low prices, and soak up the vibes we are always serving.

See how the savings stack up

Want to know how ALDI’s prices are so low, and what it means to Aussie shoppers like you? Check out the stats below or click the link for ALDI Australia’s Full Price Report to see just how much you could save with us.

Read ALDI Australia’s Full Report here:

¹Estimated savings for a family of four switching from competitor branded products at major supermarkets to the cheapest comparison at ALDI. Based on 2021 price comparison data. For further details see report here.
²A point estimate of price savings for all ALDI shoppers in 2021 based on analysis provided to ALDI by PwC of price comparisons for an ALDI basket of goods that is representative of typical expenditure compared to major competitors.
For further details, please see report here.

Feel all the vibes from our latest ad

But how do we stay so low?

By doing things differently to other supermarkets. Simply put, we look at every part of our business and remove the bits we don’t need, passing on the savings to you. Like no shelves, simpler store layouts, fewer registers and coin operated trolleys. And BYO bags – we were doing it before it was cool.

We also work closely with our suppliers. From household essentials to fresh local produce, we’ve built fair relationships with our suppliers over the years, growing our businesses sustainably together.

No compromising quality

‘Good enough’ is never good enough at ALDI, because one thing we never forego is our dedication to quality. We work hard to make sure our exclusive brands are just as good, or even better, than our market leading competitors. What you’re not paying for is a famous brand name – although our own brands are pretty famous in their own right these days.

Find out more about our commitment to fresh produce here.