At ALDI, we’re saying hello to renewable electricity

We’ve committed to become the first Aussie supermarket to power all our stores and warehouses with 100% renewable electricity by the end of 2021.

ALDI is proud to announce that we’re saying hello to renewable electricity for the good of our people, our customers, our community and planet.

This has been made possible thanks to new partnerships with two very special partners – an iconic duo, loved the world over for their organic goodness: The Sun, and The Wind.

With these new partners on board, all our Aussie stores and distribution centres will be powered by renewable electricity derived from solar panels on the roof of our stores and wind energy supplied by our new power partners by the end of 2021 – now that’s Good, Different.

We’re also finding good energy alternatives that make our operations more sustainable, from using LED lights and natural refrigerants, through to investing in more energy-efficient chillers.

An energy commitment that’s more than just corporate hot air
Reducing our emissions is a long-term mission for us as a responsible Australian business – this announcement follows a successful 40% reduction of our overall operational emissions intensity from a 2012 baseline.  We’re working hard to make sure everything we put into our stores, from our Aussie fruit and veg to the renewable electricity that lights them up, is known for its goodness.

ALDI is known for the great value we bring to our customers every day. Now we’re proud to say that great value is powered by renewable electricity.

Find out more about Renewable Electricity, or download our Report here