1. Planted
The best berry plants are carefully selected from a registered nursery and planted by trained staff. A drip irrigation system containing both water and nutrients is used to nourish the plants. Fruit is produced after one year, but full production is reached after six years.


2. Picked and harvested
Our blueberries and blackberries are harvested via automated machinery, while our more delicate raspberries and strawberries are handpicked by harvest staff.


3. Weighed
Once harvested, our trained quality control employees begin the process of weighing and palletising the berries.


4. Transferred and snap frozen
They are then transferred to a storage chamber, lowering the temperature before being frozen. This ensures an optimum temperature is achieved. Once this is completed, the berries travel through a freezing tunnel that snap freezes them within 8-10 minutes. This locks in the quality as well as the nutritional benefits.


5. Graded
The frozen berries then go through a grading process to remove fruit that is broken, bruised, or defective in any way.


6. Packed
The fruit then travels through an automated weighing and packing area. Once packed, all packs pass through a metal detector.


7. Palletised
The packed berries are palletised and stored for a minimum of 5 days. This is essential for stabilising the temperature to a constant -18°C, further locking in the quality and nutrition.


8. Shipped to Australia
On completion of the 5 days or more in storage, the fruit is loaded into containers, ready for the journey to Australia!