Stock up on delicious lunchbox favourites

AL and DI ventured through space and time for their back to school needs, but you just need to head straight to ALDI. Check out our favourite lunchbox fillers below – don’t forget to pick up the fresh fruit and veggies!

Australian Baby Cucumber 250g
see price in store*
Blueberries 125g
see price in store*
Australian Strawberries 250g
see price in store*
Australian Bananas 750g
see price in store*
Red Bellino Tomatoes 750g
see price in store*
Plums per kg
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Baby Carrots 500g
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Hilcrest Chu Top Muesli Bar 6pk
6pk/210g$2.39 $1.14 per 100g
NRG MAXX Snack Bar 6pk
6pk/126g-162g$2.69 $2.13 - $1.66 per 100g
Brooklea Yogurt Squishy 70g
70g69c 99c per 100g
Chazoos Popcorn Multipack 10pk
10pk/200g$2.49 $1.25 per 100g
GoldenVale Wheat Biscuits 1.12kg
1.12kg$2.99 $0.27 per 100g
Damora Dippits Cheddar 12pk
264g$3.99 $1.51 per 100g
Damora Dippits Tasty 12pk
264g$3.99 $1.51 per 100g
Damora Dippits French Onion 12pk
264g$3.99 $1.51 per 100g
Hillcrest Fruity Filled Bars 6pk
225g$2.19 $0.97 per 100g
Portview Tuna Treats 112g
112g$1.99 $17.77 per kg
Portview Assorted Flavoured Skipjack Tuna 95g
95g85c $8.95 per kg
Bramwells Choc Hazelnut Dippers 52g
52g$1.49 $2.87 per 100g
Deli Originals Snack 'N' Go Hommus Dip with Lavosh Crackers 80g
80g$1.99 $2.49 per 100g
Belmont Biscuit Co. Teddy Tots 10pk
250g$2.49 $1.00 per 100g
Damora Thin Style Rice Crackers 6pk
6pk/120g$2.29 $1.91 per 100g
Damora Mini Rice Cakes 8pk
8pk/160g$3.49 $2.18 per 100g
Damora Crispetts 250g
250g$1.79 $1.43 per 100g
Damora Vita Grain Crackers 250g
250g$1.99 80c per 100g
Forresters Almonds Snack Packs 6pk
6x 30g$3.49 $19.39 per kg
Forresters Fruit & Nut Snack Packs 6pk
6x 30g$3.49 $19.39 per kg
Sweet Vine Coated Sultana Snack Packs 6pk
180g$2.79 $15.50 per kg
GoldenVale Just Bran
525g$2.79 53c per 100g
Dairy Dream Greek No Added Sugar Yogurt 6pk
6pk/750g$4.99 67c per 100g
Northbrook Spring Water 24pk 350ml
24pk/350ml$5.99 71c per litre
Orchard & Vine Blueberries Frozen
500g$3.49 $6.98 per kg