Our Products

Is ALDI experiencing any availability issues?
There is enough stock for everyone. The challenge is restocking the shelves to keep up with customer demand. Our store team members are working tirelessly to make this happen, this is why we have temporarily changed our trading hours, unless state and local restrictions apply. Please see here for the current hours.

There are gaps on your shelves in my local store, why is this?
As hard as our team members are working, there has still been unprecedented demand for some products. We are doing everything we can to minimise this and get these products back on-shelf ASAP.

What products are there restrictions on?
To be able to provide Australians access to the essential products they need, we have decided to temporarily limit purchases on selected products. Please see here for the full list of restricted products. This temporary limit helps to make sure there is availability for everyone and will be reviewed until sales return to normal levels.

When will the Special Buys be in stores?
We are currently prioritising the transport and distribution of our grocery items and this may result in some advertised Special Buys not being available on the advertised on-sale date. We are doing our best to limit this impact.

Will ALDI increase prices on any products as a result of COVID-19?
We support our business partners through various market conditions and work collaboratively with them through long standing and stable agreements.  We would never use an opportunity like COVID-19 as a profiteering exercise and will work with our business partners to ensure we continue to offer our customers the best possible prices.

Our Stores

Are your stores remaining open for their usual opening hours?
Stores will return to the trading hours of 8.30am-7pm or 8.30am-8pm, unless state and local trading restrictions apply. Please check our store locator to see the trading hours for your ALDI store.

Is it true that you are limiting the numbers of customers in stores?
We have limited the number of customers allowed in store at any one time. This is so that when you enter, you can have a safe and calm shop. Please consider letting those less able or requiring special assistance to the front. Together with our store employees we’ve agreed on new conditions of entry to our stores: 

  • Respect our employees and their physical space
  • Respect each other and look out for those less able
  • Practise good hygiene in our stores
  • Do not attempt to ‘game’ our product restriction policies
  • We remind you that we will not accept any violent behaviour (verbal or physical) in or around our stores and the police will be called immediately if required
  • Be kind, be calm, be empathetic and most of all be courteous
  • And please, do one nice thing for someone else when you leave our store today

What are you doing to encourage social distancing in your stores?
Following government advice regarding social distancing, we are implementing a series of measures for the safety of our store employees and our customers. Our stores now have 1.5 metre social distancing floor markers at our checkouts and store employees will enforce customer flows, such as limiting the number of shoppers in our stores. The number of customers in store is restricted to 70-110 at any one time, depending on the size of the store. Store employees will stagger flow and once reached it will be a one-in one-out policy. Please consider letting those less able or requiring special assistance to the front.

To protect our employees, we are currently in the process of installing clear screens at each store register. We also encourage customers to use contactless payment where possible.

I haven’t seen your employees wearing any gloves or masks, how are you protecting them?
There is currently no need for employees to be wearing a protective mask, as there is little evidence to support the widespread use of surgical masks in healthy people to prevent transmission in public. Masks are only of benefit to people who are sick, so that they do not cough or sneeze on others and for health care workers who have frequent, close contact with sick people.

Washing hands regularly or using hand sanitiser will also offer more protection against COVID-19 than wearing gloves. However, we have made them, along with masks, available for those team members that wish to use them.

To help maintain a clean and safe environment for you and our employees, we are intensifying cleaning practices at all of our stores, offices and warehouses.  We have dedicated more time to sanitisation procedures, focused on the most common touch points. 

The wellbeing of our team members and customer is our priority, and we have taken extra measures to protect them. This includes:

  • Perspex barriers at the register
  • Increased social distancing communications in store
  • Increased cleaning routines
  • Delivery of more cleaning supplies and hygiene products for our store employees

If you should be self-isolating, we ask that you respect our teams and customers by not visiting our stores.

Why don’t ALDI have trolley wipes or sanitiser stations in stores?
The wellbeing of our team members and customers is our priority, and we have taken extra measures to protect them. We are currently installing hygiene stations at the entry of our stores. This includes antibacterial wipes to clean trolley surfaces and hand sanitiser for our customers before they enter our stores.

Why don’t you have security guards?
As panic buying has eased, security guards are no longer being utilised at all stores. However we are still monitoring crowd flow and will limit the number of customers in stores as needed. We encourage all customers to take advantage of our complimentary trolley wipes and use a trolley as a guide for monitoring social distancing when in store. 

I no longer need this product, can I get a refund?
To discourage over-purchasing we have temporarily suspended our change-of-mind refund policy in certain product categories. If you have already purchased additional items you no longer want, please look at donating them to community organisations or neighbours who have been struggling to purchase them during this time. Please see here for the full list of categories affected.

Will ALDI offer online shopping?
We don’t currently offer online shopping, click and collect or home delivery although we understand this is something our customers are interested in more than ever. Right now, we are focused on ensuring we maintain good stock levels in stores to keep up with customer demand.

Will ALDI remove the surcharge so more people can opt to PayWave and limit potential contamination?
We understand the growing preference to use PayWave. However PayWave transactions attract some merchant fees, which is why they incur a 0.5% surcharge when used at ALDI. We prefer to give you the choice rather than inflate our prices to factor in the cost of the surcharge. To avoid the surcharge please insert your credit card or debit card into the EFTPOS machine and practice good hand hygiene before and after use.

Local Communities

Are you allowing elderly or vulnerable customers and healthcare workers to shop at dedicated times in your stores?
We are not currently offering a dedicated elderly hour; however, we are working with our existing charities to support our elderly customers. We encourage elderly or vulnerable people in the community who are unable to visit their local ALDI to get in touch with local charities in their area for assistance. To locate a charity in your area that can provide food and grocery relief, please visit www.foodbank.org.au.

Is ALDI planning to support any charities, especially given your record sales over the last few days?
Nationally, we support some incredible charities, including Foodbank, and Oz Harvest. Our support for these charities and others will continue and we’re always considering new ways we can help good causes that matter to our customers.


How can I apply to work for ALDI?
We currently have a range of temporary vacancies available across ALDI, anybody wishing to apply can do so via the following link:  https://www.aldicareers.com.au