An update from ALDI Australia CEO, Tom Daunt

Saturday 08 January 2022


To our incredible ALDI shoppers,

If you’ve walked into your local store lately only to find a few gaps, you’re not alone.

As the country transitions from a suppression strategy to one where we live with COVID, we’ve already begun to encounter some hurdles - most notably, labour shortages due to COVID sickness or isolation. Many of our valued business partners that supply our products are short of staff - and at ALDI, we’re experiencing this too. But rest assured, there isn’t a food shortage, just complications and delays associated with less employees.

The rise in COVID cases has significantly impacted supply of food and groceries, as labour shortages in food production and supplier logistics have skyrocketed. From farms to factories, we’re seeing fruit pickers, meat processors, and countless others isolating, as well as truck drivers and warehouse employees, all of which impacts availability of certain products.

I’ve worked for ALDI here in Australia for nearly 20 years. One of the things I love most about my job is being able to bring good quality food to Aussie families at affordable prices. Having gaps on our shelves and items unavailable is the opposite of what I want for our customers, so if you’ve shopped with us lately and been frustrated by this, please allow me to apologise.

I will say that what’s always impressed me most about our ALDI shoppers is your fierce loyalty and the way you make fast favourites of new lines and varieties within our range. For the next little while, some of your favourite varieties may be short in supply, or unavailable in your local store. If you can, please bear with us while we work through these COVID-related challenges. We’re working closely with our supply partners to prioritise the essentials, and taking every step to make sure there is a product available in every category. So even if you can’t get the exact item you’d like, there should be another substitute available.

If I may also ask, please be extra patient with our team. They’re doing the very best they can to keep our stores and warehouses running so that customers right across the country can continue to buy groceries. We’ve got great people in our business, and they’re navigating the changing restrictions, isolation requirements, and frustrations of COVID, just like you. So please be kind and patient with them.

In the meantime, we’ll keep working hard to find solutions to these challenges and bring you your favourite groceries.

Thanks for choosing to shop with us. Stay safe, and we’ll see you in store soon.

Tom Daunt
CEO, ALDI Australia 

Thank you from ALDI