The items you can’t live without (or just don’t want to)

They're the everyday essentials that make life easier. We're proud of our pantry staples, but find out what our members thought.

"Just love this cereal - I will purchase it again with much delight and my kids all enjoyed it also which is a bonus as they are not cereal lovers either as a rule... good job!!"

— Colleen, 60, Taree NSW

"Versatile, can be used as a snack and a breakfast cereal."

— Ken, 85, Sylvania NSW

“Everyone who tried this loved it. Eat straight from the packet or with Almond milk.  Coconut flavor was really good.  Fruit content great. Popular and a larger packet size would be great”

— Derek, 54, Jane Brooke WA

"Clusters are great for a quick, tasty and very satisfying breakfast. A couple of times, I added a few chia seeds and three or four slices of banana. Yum!  As an added benefit I found that this meal kept me going for hours.”

— Jen, 63, Lake Wendouree, VIC

“I have never purchased chia seeds and really had no idea what to do with them until a friend suggested mixing them in coconut cream to make a dessert. Delicious and easy.”

— Esther, 62, Darlinghurst NSW

“Being a diabetic, this product makes a great breakfast pudding and with no carbs and adding some fruit it requires no sugar. Love this product.“

— Kelly, 53, Millendon WA

“Loved being able to add these little seeds of goodness to smoothies, salads, breakfasts and muffins for the whole family!”

— Stephanie, 28, Semaphore South SA

“Mixed with cereal in the morning made me feel full for hours, good in our morning boosts”

— Adele, 63, Mount Cotton QLD

“This also makes a great quick dip. Great size for lunch box or to take camping.”

— Kathy, 64, Goonellabah NSW

“A great alternative to tuna and salmon!”

— Sue, 59, Ocean Grive VIC

“Very good quality product.  Taste was superb. Oil was not overpowering and the trout fillets were very tasty with a slight smoky flavour.”

— Derek, 54, Jane Brooke WA

“I liked the Smokey flavour through the Trout Fillets. I really liked that there were no bones in the fillets. Nice.”

— Morris, 58, Maryborough QLD

"For the price this good product is an excellent condiment to have in the pantry for every day use”

— Joan, 66, Caringbah NSW

"We brushed it on our steak before cooking and it tasted amazing."

— Tanya, 50, Clontarf QLD

“Will definitely be changing from my old brand to this one - fantastic produce”

— Anne, 58, Lane Cove NSW

"I have really enjoyed this product and now my afternoon snack is some Turkish bread with the glaze being used as a dip...yum!”

— Colleen, 60, Taree NSW

“These nuts are really good quality. This is a real bonus as you can eat them fresh for a quick snack, add some to yoghurt or cereal, put a few on the fruit platters and, if you have any left, use them for cooking delicious cakes or adding some extra nutrition and texture to pasta sauces, etc.”

— Jen, 63, Lake Wendouree, VIC

“I buy walnuts each week as a snack food for myself as well as cook with them. I will buy these again as the texture and taste were just lovely.”

— Colleen, 60, Taree NSW

“Many uses, I add them to my breakfast cereal.”

— Ken, 85, Sylvania NSW

“I made a pecan pie using the nuts and the maple syrup. Absolutely delicious.”

— Rosemary, 81, Malvern VIC

“I really enjoyed this maple syrup.  Much nicer than the artificial syrups and from Aldi an excellent price. A definite keeper.”

— Kelly, 53, Millendon WA

“My family tried this maple syrup with the Aldi buttermilk pancake mix - absolute heaven! Highly recommend it!”

— Stephanie, 28, Semaphore South SA

“The whole family enjoyed trying this as an alternative to the standard flavours and everyone wanted more!”

— Odette, 44, Mount Colah NSW

“I will definitely be looking out for this product next time I visit my ALDI store.” 

— Paul, 65, Altona Meadows VIC

“The buttermilk pancake mix was delicious! Loved how even my husband could follow the instructions and make the family breakfast!”

— Stephanie, 28, Semaphore South SA

“Fluffy and delicious, my son loves these pancakes.”

— Silvia, 35, Epping VIC

“Fast and easy breakfast with maple syrup. delicious.”

— Tanya, 50, Clontarf QLD

“Overall, a great tasting product that was easy to prepare and enjoyed by all.”

— Jessica, 28, Albany WA

"They are a quality product for a reasonable price, definitely would buy again."

— Louise, 44, Dingley Village, VIC

"Delicious, light, crunchy, family loved them — definitely will buy these again."

— Nicole, 44, Tarragindi, QLD

"Very crunchy and tasty. Nice big flakes. They stay crunchy for a while after the milk is added - which is really good. Yum yum yum - my son loves them!!"

— Lana, 42,  Roselands, NSW

"Lovely flavour, not too sweet. Kept its crunchiness in the milk and didn’t go soggy."

— Camilla, 46, Gumdale, QLD

"We have never gone through honey so quickly. Our boys loved it!"

— Luke, 30, Revesby, NSW

"Very nice, clear and smooth honey. Perfect for use everyday with oats or porridge."

— Nora, 22, Yagoona, NSW

"Really fantastic honey!"

— Christopher, 69, Maianbar, NSW

"This honey was smooth and easy to drizzle on anything. I loved putting it in my tea and smoothies."

— Maddison, 22, Salisbury, QLD

"Great chunks of tuna. Beautiful in the Italian style oil. Really like the 'trace your tuna' component."

— Emma, 29, Kedron, QLD

"Love this product. It's sustainable and good quality and a good price."

— Louise, 39, Caringbah, NSW

"The tuna was tasty and chunky with a nice flakey texture. It was great in salads and on sandwiches. Not too dry, it was very nice."

— Deborah, 56, Chisholm, ACT

"Tasted beautiful. Very nice tuna in a can."

— Ben, 28, Melton South, VIC

"Crisp & crunchy. Love it as has a thin layer of chocolate or yoghurt. Also that it is in separate packages so they don't go stale."

— Bev, 66, Park Orchards, VIC

"I love these rice cakes. They are a staple in our shopping. I like them as a special treat. They feel like you are spoiling yourself, without going crazy on the calories."

— Sarah, 38, Dickson, ACT

"Tasty and convenient for the lunch box!"

— Prabani, 20, Roxburgh Park, VIC

"Fabulous treat especially if you're gluten -free. And a great treat alternative for kids."

— Sheli, 45, Bondi Junction, NSW

"Great addition to my ALDI Wheat biscuits.  Just add yogurt and you have a quick and simple nutritious breakfast meal.  Amazing!"

— Adam, 33, Enoggera, QLD

"It is a wonderfully tasting product, with a great tasting crunchiness of nuts."

— Laurence, 46, Lota, QLD

"My husband declared this for his own. He even adds it to his smoothies for added flavour and fibre."

— Josephine, 56, Pendle Hill, NSW

"Great muesli. Tasty, full of nuts and fruit. The bag is a decent weight, so it lasts. The price is right & the resealable pack is perfect for keeping it fresh."

— Kara, 26, Cecil Park, NSW

"This is the first time we have tried this product - we are very impressed, it is good quality & taste."

— Fay, 73, Baulkham Hills, NSW

"I used the tomatoes in a lasagna I was making and the flavour of the tomatoes was really noticeable compared to the regular tinned tomatoes I have been using. I am normally a bit skeptical of the "organic" products but was very happy with the flavour these provided"

— Deborah, 56, Chisholm, ACT

"It tasted really fresh - something you don't get often in tinned tomatos! And they were a lovely red colour."

— Natasha, 26, Florey, ACT

"Fabulous product. The tomatoes were great quality and extremely affordable for an organic product!"

— Diana, 41, Thorneside, QLD

"Texture, flavour--the best we have ever baked."

— Fay, Baulkham Hills, NSW

"Great flavour, slices well and is a perfect companion to Aldi Expressi coffee."

— Milan, Berwick, VIC

"Delicious final product and easy instructions to follow."

— Nicole, Tarragindi, QLD

"I had fun baking the bread, but an even better time eating it. Awesome taste, the perfect bread."

— Ben, Melton South, VIC

"Breakfast never tasted so good."

— Fay, Baulkham Hills, NSW

"Fabulous breakfast treat - crunchy honey goodness coating on golden flakes of corn!  Loved by the entire family."

— Natalie, The Gap, QLD

"Good flavour and taste, very big box, great value."

— Jonathan, Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD

"Crisp and tasty. Perfect start for the day for all the family."

— Milan, Berwick, VIC

"Great product my kids loved them. Healthy as well. Good source of fibre and low in sugar and salt."

— Anna, Caulfield South, VIC

"Love the taste, the size, the price"

— Fay, Baulkham Hills, NSW

"Love these wraps. Nice big size and resealable bag is awesome!  Nice and soft too!"

— Louise, Caringbah, NSW

"We loved these - great for lunch and an easy mid week dinner.  Very handy to have in the pantry."

— Louise, Surrey Hills, VIC