At ALDI, we are proud to offer unique, flexible and affordable prepaid mobile plans to our customers

ALDImobile is committed to offering high quality products at exceptional value with no lock-in contracts, no flag fall rates, low call rates, fair and transparent pricing and brilliant coverage using a fast and reliable network. ALDImobile is the smarter choice for Australians looking to maximise their telecommunications dollar.

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* The examples shown are if you use your included credit to only make calls. You can use your credit for any combination of national calls, SMS, MMS and voicemail. Equivalent rates are: Standard National Fixed Line, Mobile and Voicemail Call rates are 10c per minute, the cost of making a 2 minute call is 20c. Standard National SMS rates are 10c per SMS, Standard National MMS rates are 30c per MMS and Standard National Video MMS rates are 60c per Video MMS. 1. Excludes some use such as: calls to international numbers, satellite numbers, and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers). 2. Excludes some use such as: Video MMS, SMS/MMS to international or satellite numbers, and premium numbers (eg. 19xx numbers). Excludes all use overseas. Any MMS that includes Video or Audio is charged at $1 and is taken from your Pay As You Go (PAYG) credit (except on S and M where it will be taken from your included credit first, and then from your PAYG credit if this is exhausted). 3. Included international calls are to eligible numbers and countries only, you can review the list of eligible numbers at 4. Applies only if equal or higher value Pack is added within 24 hours of previous Pack expiry. Unused data rolls over once only then expires after 30 days.


‡The mobile product of ALDImobile provides a 4G coverage footprint of 95% and a combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint of 98.8% of the Australian population covering 1.59 million square kilometres. 3G handsets will only receive 3G coverage. For detailed coverage map visit