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Ceramic Tagine on sale 1st June, 2016

In the ALDI catalogue with an on sale date of 1 June, we advertised a ceramic tagine for sale at $24.99. As is stated on the packaging, the tagine is not designed for use on a stove top. There is a risk that it will crack and break if it is placed on a stovetop or any other direct source of heat.

Unfortunately, the catalogue advertising the tagine included a recipe for "chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives" to be cooked on a low heat on a stove.

ALDI Apologies for any confusion that this may have caused. We would be happy to provide a refund, upon proof of purchase and return of the tagine, to any customers who purchased the tagine with the intention of cooking it on a stovetop.

ALDI Australia SCAM ALERT - Gift vouchers, emails and websites

Customers please note that there are an increasing number of websites, emails, competitions, Facebook promotions and SMS marketing that purportedly give away free ALDI vouchers or gift cards.

Please be wary of these scams asking you for personal information, sharing emails or links, responding to text messages with your personal details or calling a phone number to win. These are not associated with ALDI Australia.

Any competition run by ALDI Australia would be communicated via this website, our email newsletter or our official ALDI Australia Facebook page.

You can assist the ACCC by reporting this fraudulent activity to the Scamwatch website.

ALDI Supports the responsible service of alcohol. It is illegal to purchase alcohol for people under 18.