Ensuring your safety is our top priority

Everything we do at ALDI is performed with one goal in mind: to provide consumers with only the best products at the lowest prices. Though, our top priority is you and your family's safety - and we take every measure to fulfill that promise.

We have developed stringent standards and undertake independent quality testing on an ongoing basis to ensure all suppliers meet our own strict specifications. 

On rare occasions, questions regarding a product's quality, safety or errors in packaging or shipment do arise in the retail world. ALDI has a plan to swiftly and effectively remove such products from the store. Any product that does not meet the government's and our own standards in any of these areas will be efficiently removed from sale and we will notify customers via a Product Recall alert.

You can find Product Recall alerts and updates below from either the manufacturer or those issued by our own Corporate Purchasing Department. In addition to this page, ALDI shoppers can access more information at the ACCC's Product Safety Recalls Australia website.

Current Product Recalls below:

Westmont Pickles Beer Pickle 500g - product recall here

Ambiano Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker - product recall here

Casalux Solar LED Street Light - product recall here

Workzone Double USB Powerpoint - product recall here

Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with LED sold as part of the Workzone Pickup Tool 2 Piece Pack - product recall here

Ferrex 1200W 16L Wet and Dry Vacuum - product recall here

‘Lumina’ Electric Blanket - product recall here

Sohl Furniture Recliner Chair - product recall here

Expressi Travel Mug 400ml - product recall here

CROFTON Reusable Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup - product recall here

Easy Home Multicyclonic Vacuum Cleaner - product recall here

CROFTON Chef's Collection 6L Pressure Cooker - product recall here

Jack 'N' Jill Wooden Block Sets (Farm, Jungle & Ocean) - product recall here

Easy Home Cyclonic Handheld and Stick Vacuum Cleaner - product recall here

Jack 'N' Jill Wooden Jungle Railway Set - product recall here