What happens when we switch household shoppers, and send an ALDI avoider to live with a family of ALDI lovers? Will they be converted? Can the fresh produce win them over? Or will it come down to good, old-fashioned savings?

Watch how it all played out in The Parent Switch. 

* Estimated savings for a family of four switching from competitor branded products at major supermarkets to the cheapest comparison at ALDI. Based on 2021 price comparison data. For further details, please visit see report here

How do we stay so low?

By doing things differently to other supermarkets. Simply put, we look at every part of our business and remove the bits we don’t need, passing on the savings to you. Like no shelves, simpler store layouts, fewer registers and coin operated trolleys. And BYO bags – we were doing that before it was cool.

We also work closely with our suppliers. From household essentials to fresh local produce, we’ve built fair relationships with our suppliers over the years, growing our businesses sustainably together.

Great Quality

Saving money on family groceries doesn’t need to mean compromising on quality. 97% of our fresh produce is Australian sourced, and 100% of our fresh meat, eggs, bread, salmon and milk is local. 

Wide Range

And you don’t have to worry about missing anything in your regular shop, either. We’ve won the Canstar Blue award for Most Satisfied Shoppers five years in a row now - so we must be doing something right. Come and see for yourself today.