Mamia nappies are now even better

Following extensive testing involving consumer research groups and testing laboratories, ALDI is pleased to have worked with our manufacturer to develop a world class premium quality unisex nappy. Mamia® is keeping up with new technologies in nappy manufacture which are similar to and on par with many international nappy manufacturers and brands.

New technologies available in nappy production help to address many of the features commonly required by parents: Why can’t nappies be thinner and more discreet? Why can’t nappies be stretchier?

To provide parents with ongoing product improvement, and to deliver a nappy that meets world class standards, we have introduced the new Mamia® Supa Fit™ nappy. This new nappy uses new technologies to provide a better fit and greater comfort, in a thinner nappy.

Some of the great new features of Mamia® nappies include:

Comfy Flex™
- Soft and stretchy sides have been introduced to allow babies to move and stretch their bodies. The nappy fits snug and moves with your toddler, helping to keep a cosy fit and to stay leak proof on the go!

No more scratchy waist bands!
- The stretch of the new Mamia® nappy is now achieved at the sides with the new Comfy Flex™ stretchy sides. These elastic sides provide greater stretch then the previous waistband, while allowing your toddler the flexibility of greater movement without compromising fit, or irritating your toddler’s skin. And when secured correctly, Comfy Flex™ will ensure the rear waist is snug against your toddler’s back.

Discreet Triple Layer Core
- Mamia’s triple layer core is now thinner and more comfortable. This new technology still has all the anti-leak characteristics, absorbency and ‘wet proof’ characteristics demanded by parents. So, thinner and better! Thinner product means less use of the world’s resources; from the raw materials used to produce a nappy, to those used to pack it!

- How can this be? Materials used to make nappies have improved over time allowing them to be made even softer and more comfortable, as well as highly absorbent. Traditionally thick nappies are now thinner, ‘just like underwear’, with enhanced performance, manufactured with more of the absorbent materials that work, and less of the bulky materials that don’t!

Is the ALDI nappy breathable?
- Mamia® Supa Fit™ nappies use state of the art materials that help your baby’s skin breathe by allowing air through the back and front panels without affecting the leakage performance of the nappy.
- All materials used to make a Mamia® Supa Fit™ nappy are also dermatologically tested for use in nappies. So you can be sure that these nappies are soft and highly absorbent, and deliver on your expectations of a world class product.

Fitting Mamia® Supa Fit™
You may notice that the new Mamia® Supa Fit™ nappy has greater stretch. To ensure a correct fit and to eliminate the risk of leaks, always ensure that the Comfy Flex™ side tabs have been stretched and ‘wrapped’ around your toddler’s waist – even if they overlap.

These tips may help:
1. Unfold the Comfy Flex™ side tabs and position the nappy beneath your child while he or she is lying down.
2. Grip the Comfy Flex™ side tabs and pull to stretch them out, wrapping them around the waist and securing them on the front of the nappy.
3. Remember – it is normal for the Comfy Flex™ side tabs to overlap when secure. This helps to ensure a snug fit right around the waist.
4. Mamia® Supa Fit™ should also sit high on your child’s hips, just like other nappies. This will ensure a correct fit, and that your child’s legs have full freedom of movement – ready for playtime!

What size nappy should I use?
- The size of ALDI nappies is in line with the majority of other nappies on the market.
- New Mamia® Supa Fit™ nappies have the same core length and width as they have always had, so you should be able to continue using the same size nappy as normal. - - Always remember that size charts displayed on nappy packs are guides only. If you feel that the nappy does not fit properly, you may need to try a different size; even if your child suits the size indicated on the size charts.