Mamia nappies are now even better

When it comes to change time, you have to be confident you're giving your baby the best. Our award winning premium Nappies have been designed to handle each stage of your baby's development, tumble, first step and adventure. Following extensive testing involving consumer research groups and world class laboratories, ALDI Mamia® ensures maximum performance in all the areas you care about with up to 12hrs Leakage Protection Day & Night*, superior comfort, fit and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

Your baby will have a lot less to cry about with these great features;

Triple Layer Super Absorbent Core providing Up to 12 hrs Leakage Protection Day & Night*

  • Mamia’s® triple layer absorbent core provides excellent leakage prevention, protection and absorbency by rapidly drawing moisture away from the skin and locking it into the core, keeping skin comfortable and dry.

Comfy Flex®

  • Ultra Soft, flexible and stretchy sides provide a secure, comfortable fit allowing the nappy to stretch and flex as your baby moves protecting any leaks during 'on the go' play time.

Soft and Breathable Cover

  • Mamia® nappies have a highly breathable outer cover that allows fresh air to circulate around your baby's bottom so their skin stays dry.
  • Additionally all materials used to make a Mamia® nappies are dermatologically tested for use in nappies so you can be sure that these nappies are soft, highly absorbent and deliver on your expectations of a world class product.

Secure Leak Guards

Special Leak guards and soft curved elastic cuffs help prevent leaks from the sides whilst providing a secure comfortable fit.
When it comes to change time, we know the most important thing is making sure you and your little one are well covered. Our Mamia® nappies only include ingredients that have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe, reliable and effective. Mamia nappies are also latex free and suitable for sensitive skin.

Fitting Mamia®

You may notice that Mamia® nappies have enhanced stretch. To ensure a correct fit and to eliminate the risk of leaks, always ensure that the Comfy Flex® side tabs have been stretched and ‘wrapped’ around your baby's waist – even if they overlap.

These tips may help:

  1. Unfold the Comfy Flex® side tabs and position the nappy beneath your child while he or she is lying down.
  2. Grip the Comfy Flex® side tabs and pull to stretch them out, wrapping them around the waist and securing them on the front of the nappy.
  3. Remember – it is normal for the Comfy Flex® side tabs to overlap when secure. This helps to ensure a snug fit right around the waist.
  4. Mamia® nappies should also sit high on your child’s hips, just like other nappies. This will ensure a correct fit, and that your child’s legs have full freedom of movement – ready for playtime!

What size nappy should I use?

  • The size of ALDI nappies is in line with the majority of other nappies on the market so its easy to switch to Mamia® for a comfortable fit
  • Always remember that size charts displayed on nappy packs are guides only. If you feel that the nappy does not fit properly, you may need to try a different size; even if your child suits the size indicator.

* Up to 12 hrs Leakage Protection for Crawler,Toddler, Walker, Junior Nappies and Up to 12hrs Absorbency for Newborn and Infant Nappies.