When it comes to food, we know Australia really is the lucky country.

Aussie farmers consistently turn out some of the best produce in the world. That’s why we have a long-standing “Australia First” supplier policy, which commits ALDI to buying locally unless the desired product isn’t available at the required quality or volume. Of the 1,200 suppliers that ALDI currently has on the books, more than 1,000 are Aussie-owned.

Our Aussie suppliers include small, family-owned operators as well as larger operators that produce some of Australia’s leading brands. From our smallest to our largest partners, they’ve all been able to grow with us over the last 17 years.

Meet Golden Cockerel

ALDI have been partnering with family-owned Aussie business Golden Cockerel for the last four years. The ethos of their company is to provide safe nutritious chicken that is of the very best quality for our customers. 

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