Our fresh Aussie Banana migration

Peel good with our 100% Aussie grown bananas.

Our Aussie first supplier policy means we’ll always source our fresh produce from local farms whenever we can. That’s why 97% of our entire fresh produce range is Australian grown. Grab a bunch in store and support Aussie farmers today.

Where do they migrate from?

We get bananas from growers in every state, with farms in the same regions that supply other supermarkets.

Meet the Arcella family.

With a rich farming history dating back to 1974, if anyone knows a bunch about bananas, it’s the Arcella family. Starting as banana merchants, the family moved to growing and packing bananas in far north QLD, one of the best banana growing regions in Australia. Here, rich volcanic soil and sub-tropical climate allows bananas to grow all year round – necessary when supplying over 15,000 tonnes of top quality cavendish bananas a year to ALDI!

This popular fruit may be easy to eat but it can be tricky to grow. That’s why the Arcella family attend to their crops 52 weeks a year, almost every day, to ensure they are of the highest quality. The Arcella family is passionate about supplying top notch bananas.

When’s the best time to go bananas?

Bananas are all good, all year. Our fresh Aussie bananas migrate to ALDI from local Aussie growers all year round.   

How many different bananas are there?

There are more than 500 different types of bananas in the world! In Australia, Cavendish are the most popular. It’s known for its smooth, creamy texture and thin peel.

How do you store bananas?

Careful where you keep ’em! Storing a banana in the fridge will slow down the ripening process. Put them in a fruit bowl and the enzymes released by the bananas will make the other fruit ripen faster.

When are they ready to eat?

There’s no wrong time to eat a banana. Some like them green, some like them spotty. Spots on a banana are called sugar spots. They let you know how much starch in the banana has been turned into sugar. The spottier, the sweeter. That’s why the spottiest bananas make the best banana bread.