Fresh Aussie Bellino Tomatoes

Bellino tomatoes. Small in size, big in flavour.

We get all our fresh, bellino tomatoes from local glasshouses. Why are they grown in glasshouses? So they can be grown all year long for ALDI shoppers. Lucky us!

Bellinos from where?

Our low prices don’t compromise taste or quality. We get our bellinos from greenhouses in Guyra, atop of the NSW Northern Tablelands.

Tal Kanety, our bellinos grower.

Since 2007, we’ve sourced fresh bellino tomatoes from Tal and the Costa team. Tal grew up as a city boy with no real connections to the country, until he began working in the Israeli desert fields. Tal realised he wanted to work as close as nature to possible and do something that will give him a real sense of achievement – like growing food from seed to plate. He then made his way to Australia and began working for Costa, growing bellino tomatoes in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. These tomatoes are grown in state-of-the-art glasshouses. The glasshouse’s unique micro-climate of high light and cool summers create ideal conditions for their sweet, intense taste. Every year we source 1,201 tonnes of bellino snacking, bellino gold, truss and cocktail tomatoes from the Costa team. That’s a lot of tomatoes!

Pick the best bellinos every time.

Look for bellinos with a dark red colour and shiny skin.

Bellino your way.

Add to salads, pasta, pizza or any meal for a pop of colour and flavour.

Keep them sweet.

Store your bellino tomatoes at room temperature. They may lose their sweetness if stored  in the fridge.

Snacks on.

They’re the perfect bite-sized healthy snack for all ages. Pop some in your kids lunchboxes.