Our fresh Aussie Corn migration

100% of our corn is Australian grown. Sweet as!

That’s right. All our fresh corn is grown right here in Australia. It’s part of our Aussie first supplier policy, committing us to source fresh produce from local growers. In fact, 97% of our entire fresh produce range is Australian grown. Delicious.

Check out these juicy corn facts:

From the farm to your table.

Only the best, freshest corn makes it to our shelves. We source ours from the same farms as other supermarkets, as close to your store as possible. They migrate from farms in Glen Innes in NSW, Home Hill in QLD, Boisdale in VIC, Neerabup in WA and more! This lets us stock them all year round.

Meet the Mulgowie team.

What started as a small family farm over 75 years ago, has grown into a thriving business across NSW, QLD and VIC. Since 2001, the Mulgowie team have supplied ALDI with delicious, fresh corn and green beans. The team takes pride in developing new methods to improve water usage, soil quality and plant fertility, resulting in improvements to its fresh produce. Creating produce that is convenient to the customer is important to the Mulgowie team. They were the first Australian farmers to grow corn cobbettes – corn with cut husks and removed stalks.

Corny history.

Corn is native to the Americas and originated in prehistoric Mexico nearly 9,000 years ago. But just like the other supermarkets, we get our corn from farms much closer to home – here in Australia.

Choose your cob.

Look for corn with plump, firm kernels.

Store your corn.

Make sure your corn doesn’t dry out by wrapping the ears tightly in a plastic bag before popping them in the fridge. This will keep it fresh for 3 days. If you want to freeze your Aussie corn, remove the kernels from the cob first.

Is popcorn really popped corn?

Yep. Each kernel has a tiny bit of water inside it. When they’re heated, the water inside heats and builds up enough pressure to burst the kernel open. The soft material inside puffs up as it explodes.