Days Eggs. Our local go-to for fresh eggs.

In 1988, a small family run business called Days Eggs started with a long-term vision to provide fresh, great tasting eggs from happy, comfortable hens. They didn’t want to be the biggest, but to be the best at what they do. Today their vision remains and their business has expanded to farms across South Australia including Port Pirie, Roseworthy, Lower Light and McLaren Vale.

High quality standards, clean fresh eggs and hen welfare have always been a main driving force behind Day Eggs. The team are proud food producers in the new era of a rapidly modernising egg industry in Australia.

Check out some egg-citing facts:

Keep your eggs in check.

To check if your egg is good, put it in a glass of water. A fresh egg will sink. A rotten egg will float because pockets in the shell enlarge as they age and yolk shrinks.

Mixed up your eggs?

You can spin an egg to find out if it is fresh or hard-boiled. If it wobbles, it’s raw. If it spins easily, it’s hard boiled.

Easy Vitamin D.

Egg yolk is one of the only foods that a natural source of Vitamin D. One hard boiled egg contains 40% of your daily Vitamin D requirements.

Do I keep them in the fridge or pantry?

Store your eggs, pointy end down, in their original carton in the fridge. This reduces water loss and prevents flavours from other foods being absorbed into the eggs.