Golden Eggs. Our source for fresh homegrown eggs.

Fourth generation farm, Golden Eggs has been free range farming since the 1970’s. Their free range eggs are locally produced from Western Australian farms in Bullsbrook, Muchea and Jurien Bay. Their biggest free range farm is at Jurien Bay, which houses close to 300,000 hens. Animal welfare is their top priority and they are audited by trading partners on an ongoing basis.

Check out some egg-citing facts:

What does it mean if my egg has two yokes?

Count this as a lucky sign because it’s rare. Eggs with double yokes are formed by young hens whose laying cycle hasn’t yet settled into a pattern. As the yolks move through the reproductive tract, they can bump into each other and become enveloped with albumen (egg white) forming a double yoke. It’s still perfectly fine to eat.

How do I boil a soft yoked egg?

Simmer for 3-4 minutes. Cook soft yoked eggs for dippy soldiers. Remember to cut the top off the egg once boiled, otherwise the egg will keep cooking.

Does the colour of the egg shell matter?

There is no difference between white and brown shelled eggs. It just means white shelled eggs are laid by hens with white feathers and brown shelled eggs are laid by hens with brown feathers.

Did you know?

Eggs contain iodine. This is an essential mineral required for your thyroid to produce hormones that regulate the body’s metabolic rate.