Our fresh fruit and vegetables are carefully inspected before being sold at ALDI. So, when you’re inspecting it, you know it’s been inspected by our inspectors. Inspectors (what a great word) make sure our produce is ticking all the right boxes, ensuring the right amount of sweetness, temperature, firmness and even colour on the skin.

Our gadgets help us take the measure of our produce.


A tool designed to ensure the product is meeting “sweetness and sugar” levels. Of course, customers will expect a different level of sweetness from a strawberry compared to a kiwi fruit, so each product has its own benchmark. That’s right – we turn sweetness into a competition.


A tool to measure the bite of our apples, pears, stone fruit and kiwi fruit, based on how customers expect a piece of produce to feel when they bite into it. Is the apple crunchy enough? The penetrometer lets us know. Thanks, penetrometer!


Australians take their avocados seriously and so do we. This is a tool specifically for measuring their firmness. Because it’s the avocado’s world. We’re just living in it.

Stocking Seasonally:

Providing the best quality for the best price also means supplying seasonally.

Nobody wants a rock hard avo or a mushy eggplant. We work closely with leading Australian growers to make sure we’re stocking the right produce at the right times, while also monitoring customer demand to provide a wide and varying range of fresh options.

Meet the Trimbolis.

The Trimbolis have been growing and packing citrus for over 20 years. Located in Hanwood NSW, the family grows more than 400 tonnes of citrus for ALDI every single year. They also source extra fruit for us from over 40 approved growers across the Griffith region, the Murray Valley, the NSW Riverina and the Riverland of South Australia.