Our fresh Aussie Kale migration

Get wholesome with our 100% Aussie grown kale.

You don’t need to go far for fresh, locally grown kale. ALDI’s Aussie first supplier policy means we’ll always buy our fresh produce from local farmers whenever possible. That’s why 97% of our entire fresh produce range is Australian grown. You could say it’s grown in your backyard.

Get your kale fix here:

Kale’s migration route.

Our fresh kale is available year round because our growers harvest it from farms all over Australia. There’s Darling Downs in QLD, Caldermeade in VIC and SA’s Virginia region just to name a few. Only the best, freshest kale makes it into ALDI stores. And we sell it at the ALDI price you love.

Meet Catherine Velisha.

Third generation farmer Catherine inherited her love of farming from her grandfather and his brothers. Established in 1949, Velisha Farms prioritised growing and delivering the best quality produce. Seventy years later, the business ethos remains the same, growing some of Australia’s best kale, broccoli, cauliflower and more. Velisha Farms has supplied produce to our Victorian stores since our doors first opened in in 2003. Back then, they delivered 3-4 boxes of produce each day. Fast forward almost 20 years and they now deliver 3 to 4 truckloads of fresh produce to ALDI per day!

Super kale to the rescue.

Kale can’t fly, but as one of most nutrient-dense foods around, it really is a superfood.

How to pick the best kale?

Choose a kale bunch with vivid, green curly leaves.

What to do with kale?

There’s more to kale than salads. Kale is great blended into smoothies, baked into crispy ‘chips’ or even fried with olive oil as a quick, delish side dish.

How to store kale?

To keep your kale fresh, refrigerate in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer.

Kale chips.

Don’t know what to do with your leftover kale? Whip up some simple and delicious kale chips. All it takes is kale, olive oil and seasoning.