Our fresh Aussie Mango migration

Homegrown gold. 100% of our mangoes are Aussie grown.

Our Aussie first supplier policy is why 97% of our fresh produce, including mangoes, comes from Australian farms. When you buy your produce from ALDI not only does it taste delicious, you’re helping support local growers, too.

Learn some juicy mango facts below:

Mango country.

Only certain parts of Australia can grow mangoes (it just makes them more special). Our mangoes make the journey from Darwin and Katherine in the NT. Some are from far north QLD and the Bowen/Burdekin regions. These are the same Aussie regions that other supermarkets get theirs from. We just charge ALDI prices.

Meet Kylie Collins.

Inspired by her hardworking farming parents, Kylie and her partner bought their first farms in Dimbulah, far north QLD. Kylie now runs Blushing Acres, a Calypso Mango farm located on the north western part of the Atherton Tablelands about 1.5 hours west of Cairns. Blushing Acres has supplied ALDI from the get go and the partnership has been fruitful over the years. For them, there is nothing better than seeing Calypso mangoes hanging on the trees close to Christmas time – it looks like each tree has produced its own special Christmas decorations.

’tis the season.

You know summer’s coming when mangoes start migrating to ALDI. Our fresh, Aussie mangoes are in season mid-September to mid-March – some years they even arrive in August.

Know your mango.

Kensington Pride mangoes (KP) are yellow/orange-skinned, with a sweet and tangy flavour and have a strong aroma. Honey Gold have a golden apricot skin and a rich, sweet flavour. Calypso® is the daughter of the KP and Sensation mangoes. They’re sweet and juicy and have golden skin with a pinkish blush. All our mangoes are ready to eat when they give a little under pressure and lose their green tinge.

How do I store my mangoes?

Keep your mangoes on top of their game by storing at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and heat. A cool spot on the bench is fine.

Over 5,000 years in the making.

Even though we get mangoes from Australia, they were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago. No wonder it’s one of the world’s most popular fruits!