Our fresh Aussie Potato migration

Hot potatoes. 100% of our spuds are Australian grown.

It’s part of our Aussie first supplier policy, committing us to buying from local growers whenever possible. And a reason why 97% of our fresh produce migrates from Aussie farms.

Get your potato facts below:

The great potato migration.

A lot of ALDI’s fresh, potatoes migrate from SA regions like Mallee and the Adelaide Plains. ALDI also source from farmers in WA. Buying from different Aussie growers allows us to sell this family favourite year round at ALDI prices.

Meet Zerella Fresh.

In 1990, the Pye family began growing veggies in South Australia’s Mallee region. The sandy loam soils and reliable water sources provide perfect growing conditions for potatoes, carrots and onions, all of which have been supplied to ALDI stores since 2017 through its Zerella Fresh brand.

The care the Zerella Fresh team puts into its crop is reflected in the high quality produce harvested. This comes from the team’s rich farming history that spans back to selling potatoes on the side of the road and at local markets. This family-run business continues to grow as it farms more innovative produce, like the Spud Lite – a delicious potato with 25% less carbs than other spuds.

How to pick the perfect potato?

Potatoes should be firm without any soft patches and, depending on the variety, they should have white or creamy coloured flesh. We probably don’t need to tell you this but avoid eating green potatoes as they might upset your tummy.

Storing your spuds.

Store your potatoes in a cool, dry place – out of sunlight. If left for a while, your potatoes may sprout. This is totally normal and they are still safe to eat if you remove these sprouts.

A side for every night of the week.

It’s not a meal without potatoes. From washed white potatoes to baby red, baby blue or even brushed, there’s a potato for every night of the week. Roast, boil, fry or mash them. Check out our recipes below.

Digging up the past.

The wild potato was first domesticated in South America between 8,000 and 5,000 BC. Now our potatoes are much more placid and grown on farms, right here in Australia.