Fresh Aussie Truss Tomatoes

Trust us. Our truss tomatoes are good.

Good news. Sweet, juicy truss tomatoes are available year round from ALDI.

Grown in your (big) backyard.

We only stock Aussie grown truss in our stores. They come from local farms all over Australia like Warragul in VIC’s South East Gippsland, Guyra in the NSW Northern Tablelands and Two Wells in SA. We charge low prices because we can.

Flavorite. Bringing your fave flavours to the table.

Established in the early 90’s, Flavorite is Australia’s largest glasshouse producer of fresh fruit and veg. Flavorite is family owned with three generations of experience in growing and supplying premium fresh, flavourful produce from their four Victorian farms in Warragal, Katunga, Mansfield and Tatura. We’ve worked with Flavorite since the early 00’s and have kept them busy. The team supply us with truss tomatoes, cherry truss tomatoes, palermo (sweet capsicum), mini capsicum, eggplant and continental cucumbers. Every year, they supply us with close to 3 million kg of fresh tomatoes!

The brighter, the better.

Look for truss tomatoes round in shape with bright, red shiny skin.

Truss it up.

You can truss anyway you like. Use on sandwiches, in relishes, sauces curries and cooking.

A sweet truss tomato is a good truss tomato.

Store your truss tomatoes at room temperature. Storing in the fridge can cause them to lose their sweetness.

Truss 365 days a year.

Growing truss tomatoes in a glasshouse allows farmers to grow them year round. Lucky us!