Give yourself some TLC

From cleaning your pearly whites to patching up cuts, ALDI has everything you need to look after yourself – inside and out. 

Dentitex Advanced Whitening Toothpaste
Unit140gCurrent Price$1.99 Unit price $1.42 per 100g
Dentitex Sensitive Plus Whitening Toothpaste 
UnitCurrent Price$4.99 Unit price $4.54 per 100g
Dentitex Interdental Pro Toothbrush 2pk
Unit2pkCurrent Price$1.89 Unit price 95c per unit
Dentitex Orbit Toothbrush 2pk
Unit2pkCurrent Price$3.49 Unit price $1.75 per unit
Dentitex Mouthwash 1L Ultra Fresh or Tartar Control 1L
Unit1LCurrent Price$4.29 Unit price 43c per 100ml
Dentitex Mouthwash 500ml
Unit500mlCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price 80c per 100ml
Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment
Former price $2.79 UniteaCurrent Price$2.39 Save 40c Unit price $9.56 per 100g
Essential Health Eucalyptus Oil 100ml
Unit100mlCurrent Price$7.49 Unit price $7.49 per 100ml
Hedafen Ibuprofen 24pk
Unit24pkCurrent Price$1.49 Unit price 6c per tablet
Hedafen Ibuprofen Liquid Gel Capsules 20pk
Unit20pkCurrent Price$2.39 Unit price 12c per capsule
Hedanol Paracetamol Capsule Shaped Tablets 20pk
UnitCurrent Price75c Unit price 4c per tablet
Essential Health Effervescents 15pk
UniteaCurrent Price$4.49 Unit price 30c per tablet
Essential Health Electrolytes 20pk
Unit20pkCurrent Price$5.49 Unit price 27c per tablet
Essential Health First Aid Strips Plastic 100pk or Fabric 50pk
UniteaCurrent Price$1.99 Unit price 2c-4c per strip
Essential Health Meal Replacement Shake 55g
UniteaCurrent Price$2.29 Unit price $4.16 per 100g
Essential Health Protein Bar 30g
UniteaCurrent Price$1.69 Unit price $5.60 per 100g
Onset Chocolate Protein Bars 51g-57g
UnitCurrent Price$2.99 Unit price $5.86/$5.25 per 100g
Essential Health Meal Replacement Bar 55g
UniteaCurrent Price$2.49 Unit price $4.53 per 100g