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You can trust us to provide exceptional value every single day because ALDI is where low prices really live. From bread and baby food to freezer essentials and more – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of low price, quality products we have on offer.

Parma Ham 80g

$4.99 $62.38 per kg

Fizzi Lemonade 1.25L

1.25L69c 55c per Litre

Killarnee Lamb BBQ Chops per kg

$10.99 $9.49 $9.49 per kg

Colway BBQ Sauce 500ml

$1.39 28c per 100ml

Mamia Baby Wipes 80pk Fragrance Free

$1.99 80pk$1.89 $2.36 per 100 wipes

Mamia Baby Wipes 80pk Scented

$1.99 80pk$1.89 $2.36 per 100 wipes

Mamia Premium Baby Wipes 240pk

$7.99 240pk$7.69 $3.20 per 100 wipes

Goldenvale Honey Wheats 750g

$4.99 $4.49 60 per 100g

Brooklea Squishy Yogurt 70g

79c ea69c 99c per 100g

Bakers Life Croissants 3pk

$2.49 3pk$1.99 66c per 100g

Bakers Life Sunny Crumpets 6pk

6pk$1.29 22c per crumpet

Berg Short Cut Bacon 1kg

$9.49 1kg$8.69 $8.69 per kg

Just Organic Butter 250g

$3.49 $1.40 per 100g

Gluten Free Spaghetti 500g

$2.69 500g$2.49 50c per 100g

 Gluten Free Spirals 500g

$2.69 500g$2.49 50c per 100g

Gluten Free Wholemeal Penne 500g

$2.69 500g$2.49 50c per 100g

Damora Crispetts 125g

$2.19 $1.99 $1.59 per 100g

ME'N'U Fresh Pasta 625g

$4.49 $4.29 69c per 100g

Ironbark Pork Mince 500g

500g$5.49 $10.98 per kg

Mamia Gold Milk Drink 900g

$12.99 $11.99 $1.33 per 100g

Diplomat Tea Cup Bags 100pk

$1.99 $1.79 90c per 100g

Goliath Cling Wrap

60m$1.39 2c per metre

Remano Passata 700ml

$1.59 23c per 100ml

Juliet Body Caress Shower Gel 1L

$3.99 $3.69 37c per 100ml

Toilet Tissue 3ply 24pk

24pk$8.49 35c per roll

Country Orchard Breakfast Juice 2L

$3.29 $2.99 $1.50 per litre

Prince Shower Gel 1L 

$3.99 ea$3.69 37c per 100ml

ME'N'U Garlic Bread Loaf 470g

$2.99 ea$2.69 57c per 100g

Deli Originals Tzatziki Dip 200g

$1.99 ea$1.79 90c per 100g

Deli Originals Hommus Dip 250g

$1.79 ea$1.49 60c per 100g

Juliet Body Shower Gel 500ml 

$2.39 ea$1.99 40c per 100ml

Remano Pasta Sauce 500g

$1.69 ea$1.59 32c per 100g

Berg Middle Bacon 1kg

1kg$7.99 $7.99 per kg

Chazoos Multi Pack 380g

$3.99 $1.05 per 100g