We've always known our olive oils to be top-notch, but now you can be just as sure

Discerning the difference in quality between olive oils can be difficult, especially when vague and misleading terms like "pure" or "extra light" are used. At ALDI, we guarantee that the oil you buy is exactly what's written on the label. We are also the first supermarket to sign the Australian Olive Association Code of Good Practice.

ALDI is leading the way when it comes to olive oils. Here's why:

  • By being the first supermarket to sign the Australian Olive Association's (AOA) code of good practice, 100% of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is genuine and meets the AOA's exacting standards.
  • Each quarter, all our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are independently tested.

Why the code of practice matters

  • "In a complete survey of Australian supermarket olive oils from 2008 until 2011, which was part of a RIRDC funded research project, over 52% of the oil labelled as Extra Virgin in Australia was found to be a lower grade than Extra Virgin either as a consequence of adulteration with refined oils, poor quality of the initial product, being too old or poorly stored". All ALDI olive oils are correctly labelled and 100% authentic.
  • In March 2012, the AOA randomly tested 30 Extra Virgin Olive Oils on supermarket shelves. 10 were not (or were no longer) able to be classified as Extra Virgin.
  • At ALDI, we are very proud of our olive oil quality, truthful labelling and adherence to the AOA code of practice.

Did you know?

Is it true that extra virgin olive oil can't be used for cooking - it's best used raw?
No. High quality extra virgin olive oils are ideal for home cooking. Due to their superior chemistry and lower levels of free fatty acids, extra virgin olive oils can be heated well over 200°C, making them ideal for most cooking applications including shallow frying, stir frying and grilling. In fact, it actually adds flavour and aroma in most applications.

Are all extra virgin olive oils the same?
No, they are not. The variety of olives used, the time of harvest, growing conditions and many other factors add up to make one real extra virgin olive oil quite different from another. Not all oils that say they are extra virgin olive oil really are. However, as ALDI is a Code of Practice signatory, you can be sure that the oil you buy from ALDI is exactly what is written on the label. Real extra virgin olive oils have a fresh feel in the mouth and are more like juice than oil in their lightness.

Does olive oil improve with age?
No. Olive oil, like all other edible fats, starts deteriorating after it is made. Olive oil should be kept away from heat, light and air. An even better way to keep it fresh is to use it quickly!

Are greener oils better than golden oils?
In the trade, we ignore colour, as it isn't really relevant to oil quality. For the most experienced users, there may be a colour preference, but this does not necessarily translate into a difference in taste.

Are cold pressed olive oils better?
Yes. Cold pressed oils refer to those that are made at low temperatures typically below 30°C. The lower the temperature in the mill the more flavour and healthy antioxidants remain in the oil after extraction. ALDI's extra virgin olive oils are cold pressed. Are European olive oils better? Although European oils have been the benchmark in the past, things are beginning to change. ALDI's Australian suppliers have olive trees which are managed in large groves so that new machines can harvest the fruit quickly. This is one of the main determinants of olive oil quality. The new breed of Australian olive oil is of a very high standard. Australia is set up for quality, not quantity, and our modest levels of production are geared towards high quality yet efficient production.

Because olive oil is a fat, is it bad for you?
Extra virgin olive oils have a very high level of the good fats, monounsaturated fats. These have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol. In addition, real extra virgin olive oil is high in healthy antioxidants and essential vitamins. The fresher and better quality the extra virgin olive oil, the more health-giving properties it has.

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