Cleaning your Expressi machine:

We recommend that you clean your machine every day and rinse it after each drink. The machine should be cleaned around three times a month with a cleaner or more often if necessary.

Cleaning the housing, water tank and drip tray:

You can wipe the housing of machine with a wet cloth when required.  Never use solvents or abrasives on the outer machine surface. In some machine models the spout outlet can be removed for easy washing. Never put your hands into the capsule shaft - risk of injury!

Can I clean the removable parts in the dishwasher?

We recommend that you do not clean the removable parts in the dishwasher.  



Where does the liquid in the bottom of the drip tray and spent capsule container come from?

The spent-capsule container is connected to the drip tray. In some models the drip tray supports the spent capsule container to ensure any residual water from the capsules will accumulate in the drip tray. In other models, residual water from the capsules accumulate in the spent capsule container.

What happens if all the buttons start flashing rapidly?

Switch off the machine and remove the plug. Contact the K-fee System hotline.

What do I do if the drinks are not being delivered properly?

Gently press the lever right down. If necessary, descale the machine. Do not put excessive force onto the lever/handle.

What if there is a delay in the delivery of the drinks?

The machine is still heating up.

What if the spent-capsule container is over-full/has become jammed?

Try to loosen the spent-capsule container by shaking it lightly. Do not put excessive force onto the lever/handle.

What if the machine suddenly switches itself off after intensive use?

If the machine does not have enough time to cool down, it will switch itself off automatically to prevent it from overheating. In such cases, it should be allowed to cool off for about 30 minutes before being used again.

What do I do if the programming of the cup-filling quantity does not function properly?

Please note the volumes you can select: With the "small cup" button, 40ml - 100ml, and with the "large cup" button, 100ml - 200ml. Please ensure that a capsule is inserted when programming the cup-filling quantity.

Why is the jet of liquid from my Expressi Machine so uneven?

The first time the machine is switched on, the jet of water may be a little irregular. After a few brewing operations with capsules, the jet should become normal.

What happens if the "small cup" and "large cup" buttons flash simultaneously?

If both the buttons flash simultaneously, it may be that the machine is reacting to a temperature difference. You should allow the machine to "let off steam" by proceeding as follows: Put the machine is in standby mode. Press the "rinse" and "small cup" buttons and switch the machine on. The "large cup" button will begin to flash and the steam release procedure will begin. Note: Please ensure that the machine is only operated within a temperature range of 10 - 45 °C. Before start-up, the machine should always be allowed to adjust to the ambient temperature.