Super Savings.

For even better value on our already low-priced products, keep an eye out in store for Super Savers.

Berg New Yorker Hot Dogs 300g
UniteaCurrent Price$3.69 Unit price $12.30 per kg
Three Aussie Farmers Crumbed Pork Schnitzels 500g
Unit500gCurrent Price$8.99 Unit price $17.98 per kg
The Fishmonger Salmon on BBQ Board 500g
Unit500gCurrent Price$14.99 Unit price $29.98 per kg
Tradition Smallgoods Beef Chevaps 400g
Unit400gCurrent Price$5.49 Unit price $14.98 per kg
Brannans Butchery Butterflied Lamb Leg with Rosemary & Honey
Former price $18.99 Unitper kgCurrent Price$14.99 Save $4 Unit price $14.99 per kg
Brannans Butchery Marinated Split Chicken per kg
Former price $6.99 Unitper kgCurrent Price$4.99 Save $2 Unit price $4.99 per kg
Brew Room Kombucha 750ml
Former price $4.99 Unit750mlCurrent Price$3.99 Save $1 Unit price $5.32 per litre
Brew Room Kombucha Peach & Ginger 330ml
Former price $2.69 Unit330mlCurrent Price$1.99 Save 70c Unit price $6.03 per litre
Premiere Greek Style Yogurt 4 x 115g
Former price $3.29 Unit4pkCurrent Price$2.99 Save 30c Unit price 65c per 100g
Monarc Indulge Gourmet Ice Cream Cookies 4pk/560ml
Former price $4.19 Unit4pkCurrent Price$3.99 Save 20c Unit price 71c per 100ml
Elmsbury Meat Pies 4pk/700g
Former price $3.99 Unit4pkCurrent Price$3.49 Save 50c Unit price 50c per 100g
Belmont Biscuit Co. Mini Choc Chip or Triple Choc Cookies 8pk/240g
Former price $2.99 Unit8pkCurrent Price$2.49 Save 50c Unit price $1.04 per 100g
Damora Crinkle Cut Rice Crackers 100g
Former price $1.39 Unit100gCurrent Price$1.19 Save 20c Unit price $1.19 per 100g
Colway Aioli or Garlic Lovers Aioli 260g
Former price $1.89 Unit260gCurrent Price$1.49 Save 40c Unit price 57c per 100g
Bakers Life Croissants 3pk
Former price $2.19 Unit3pkCurrent Price$1.89 Save 30c Unit price 63c per each
Bakers Life Authentic Belgian Waffles 4pk/360g
Former price $3.99 Unit4pkCurrent Price$3.49 Save 50c Unit price 97c per 100g
Kellogg’s Sustain Original 480g
Former price $4.59 Unit480gCurrent Price$3.99 Save 60c Unit price 83c per 100g
Goldenvale Gluten Free Muesli 400g
Former price $3.99 Unit400gCurrent Price$3.49 Save 50c Unit price 87c per 100g
Oh So Natural Gluten Free Bars 6pk/180g
Former price $3.49 Unit6pkCurrent Price$2.99 Save 50c Unit price $1.66 per 100g
Ombra Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ 100ml
Former price $2.69 Unit100mlCurrent Price$2.19 Save 50c Unit price $2.19 per 100ml
Essential Health Meal Replacement Bar 55g
Former price $2.49 Unit55gCurrent Price$1.99 Save 50c Unit price $3.62 per 100g
Villa Elsa Chillable Red 2019 750ml
Former price $6.99 Unit750mlCurrent Price$5.99 Save $1 Unit price 79c per 100ml
Damora Satisfied Snacking Prista Crispbread Original 300g
Former price $1.99 Unit300gCurrent Price$1.49 Save 50c Unit price 50c per 100g
World Kitchen Pork & Ginger Dumplings 300g
Former price $5.49 Unit300gCurrent Price$4.49 Save $1 Unit price $1.50 per 100g


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