Welcome to Super Savers

It’s our new home for the incredible specials that used to be known as 7 Day Deals.
Keep an eye out for them across the store, because when you see a Super Saver product advertised, you can be sure you are getting an even better deal on our already low prices.

Luv-A-Duck Red Curry Duck Legs 500g
Unit500gCurrent Price$9.99 Unit price $19.98 per kg
Ingham’s Chicken and Cheese Schnitzel 8pk/1kg
Unit8pkCurrent Price$7.99 Unit price $7.99 per kg
Huon Fresh Ocean Trout 280g
Unit280gCurrent Price$8.99 Unit price $32.11 per kg
Brannans Butchery Beef Meatballs with Fresh Tomatoes 600g
Unit600gCurrent Price$6.99 Unit price $11.65 per kg
Jindurra Station Beef Osso Bucco per kg
Unitper kgCurrent Price$10.99 Unit price $10.99 per kg
Jindurra Station Beef Eye Fillet per kg
Former price $25.99 Unitper kgCurrent Price$19.99 Unit price $19.99 per kg
Broad Oak Farms Chicken Breast Fillet 1pk/300g
Former price $4 Unit300gCurrent Price$2.99 Unit price $9.97 per kg
Casa Barelli Thin Crust Pizza Assorted Varieties 338g-375g
Former price $3.99 UniteaCurrent Price$3.49 Unit price $1.03-93c per 100g
Casa Barelli Stone Baked Pizza Assorted Varieties 335g-390g
Former price $3.99 UniteaCurrent Price$3.49 Unit price $1.04-$0.89 per 100g
El Tora Taco Kit 370g
Former price $3.69 Unit370gCurrent Price$2.99 Unit price 80c per 100g
El Tora Hard & Soft Taco Kit 355g
Former price $3.69 Unit355gCurrent Price$2.99 Unit price 84c per 100g
Bakers Life Sunny Pikelets 8pk/200g
Former price $1.99 Unit8pkCurrent Price$1.69 Unit price 21c per ea
The Cake Stall Banana Bread Slices 5pk/500g
Former price $4.49 Unit5pkCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price 80c per 100g
GoldenVale Omega 3 Crunchy 550g
Former price $3.69 Unit500gCurrent Price$2.99 Unit price 54c per 100g
Monarc Utopia Ice Cream Assorted Flavours 4pk/428ml
Former price $3.49 Unit4pkCurrent Price$2.99 Unit price 70c per 100ml
Choceur Chocolate Block Assorted Varieties 200g
Former price $2.69 Unit200gCurrent Price$1.99 Unit price $1.00 per 100g
White Mill Super Moist Cake Mix Assorted Varieties 580g
Former price $2.79 Unit580gCurrent Price$2.49 Unit price 43c per 100g

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