Welcome to Super Savers

It’s our new home for the incredible specials that used to be known as 7 Day Deals.
Keep an eye out for them across the store, because when you see a Super Saver product advertised, you can be sure you are getting an even better deal on our already low prices.

Argyle Signature Veal Medallions With Tomato & Basil per kg
per kg$17 $17.00 per kg
Olga’s Fine Foods Chicken Patties 6pk/500g
6pk$4 $8.00 per kg
Ingham Chicken & Corn Schnitzel 8pk/1kg
8pk$8 $8.00 per kg
Ironbark Pork Ribs per kg
$14.99 per kg$10 $10.00 per kg
Bakers Life English Muffins 6pk / 400g
$1.89 6pk$1.50 38c per 100g
Golden Vale Oats Sensations Variety Pack 12 x 40g
$3.99 12pk$3 63c per 100g
Belmon Biscuit Co. Jaffa Cakes 300g
$3.49 300g$3 $1.00 per 100g
Alcafe Café Style Frothy Sachets 10pk
$3.29 10pk$3 30c per sachet
Just Organic Natural Yogurt 1kg
$5.49 1kg$5 50c per 100g
Just Organic Vanilla Bean Yogurt 1kg
$5.49 1kg$5 50c per 100g
Bakers Life Sunny Crumpets 6pk
$1.19 $1 17c per crumpet
Mamia Unisex Infant Nappies 4-8kg 60pk
$10.99 $9.99 17c per nappy
Mamia Unisex Crawler Nappies 6-11kg 56pk
$10.99 $9.99 18c per nappy
Mamia Unisex Toddler Nappies 10-15kg 50pk
$10.99 $9.99 20c per nappy
Mamia Unisex Walker Nappies 13-18kg 48pk
$10.99 $9.99 21c per nappy
Mamia Unisex Junior Nappies 16-25kg 44pk
$10.99 $9.99 23c per nappy
El Tora Taco Kit 370g
$3.99 $3.69 $1.00 per 100g
El Tora Soft Taco Kit 410g
$3.69 $3.49 85c per 100g
El Tora Burrito Kit 495g
$3.69 $3.49 71c per 100g
Di San Laundry Soaker & In Wash Booster 1kg
$3.49 $3 $3.00 per kg
Julius Dog Treatz Straps 16pk/125g
$1.99 $1.49 $1.19 per 100g
Protane Colour Protect Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml
$3.99 $3 75c per 100ml
Protane Daily Moisturising Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml
$3.99 $3 75c per 100ml
Protane Classic Care Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml
$3.99 $3 75c per 100ml
Health & Vitality Tuna Mornay 400g
$3.49 $2.99 75c per 100g
Health & Vitality Satay Chicken 300g 
$3.49 $2.99 $1.00 per 100g
Health & Vitality Vegetable Lasagne 400g 
$3.49 $2.99 75c per 100g
Health & Vitality Green Chicken Curry 320g
$3.49 $2.99 94c per 100g
Health & Vitality Sundried Tomato Chicken and Pasta 370g
$3.49 $2.99 81c per 100g
Health & Vitality Beef Stroganoff 280g 
$3.49 $2.99 $1.07 per 100g
Lodge Farms Free Range Eggs 12pk 700g
$4.39 $4 57c per 100g
Toilet Tissue 3ply 24pk
$8.49 $8 18c per 100 sheets