Consistently high quality products at everyday low prices are what makes us Good Different.

While the big supermarkets typically sell over 20,000 product lines, ALDI only sells 1,700. Over 90% of those products are exclusive to ALDI. You might already know this. But do you know why it matters?

Because it means we can simplify the weekly shop by giving you one tomato sauce option, rather than 12. Nobody wants to waste their life choosing a sauce. It’s just…sauce. 

By working closely with more than 1,000 Aussie suppliers, ALDI is able to create exclusive product lines that are as good, if not better, than their branded counterparts – at a fraction of the cost. So, while the prices are affordable, the quality is still on par with the more famous brands. In fact, the average ALDI supermarket is home to more than 500 award-winning products.

Our amazing cheeses, wines, cleaning products and mobile plans – to name a few – have picked up Canstar, Choice and Roy Morgan awards, not to mention numerous medals from the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, Melbourne International Wine Competition and the Royal Adelaide Wine Show. This kind of success is no accident. ALDI consistently works to refine and perfect each product in its range. From weekly sampling sessions to continuous testing, the team at ALDI ensures products continue to meet their sky-high standards.