Christmas Dinners

Christmas dinner. Or lunch. Either way, it’s not to be taken lightly - in terms of preparation, or by the plateful. Here, you’ll find recipes offering our take on the classic Christmas trifecta - turkey, pork, and seafood. (Looking for ham? You’ll find it herehyperlink to our flaming ham recipe.) But in true ALDI festive style, we’ve tricked them up with all the Christmas trimmings to make them not only showstoppers, but dad cracker joke stoppers, too. (It’s hard to pun with a mouthful of turkey). But once everyone’s talking again (probably after a long nap), they’ll surely be talking about how wonderfully tender the turkey was. How perfectly crispy the pork crackling tasted. Or moaning that there aren’t any leftover Soft Fish Tacos. A feast like this only comes around once a year. We promise you these recipes won’t disappoint.

Christmas Turkey Recipes

Christmas turkey is famous for inducing naps, but there’s nothing snoozy about these three recipes. Our Roast Turkey is a classic perfected, with an unbeatable trio of butter, lemon and thyme. Those who like their turkey fully loaded will be chuffed by our Australian stuffing - full of nutty, fruity goodness and fancy prosciutto. Or go all out with Pear, Pistachio and Lingonberry Stuffing Balls. Dreamy stuff indeed.

Christmas Pork Recipes

Forget Christmas crackers: Christmas Crackling Pork is what really brings everyone together at the dining table. And thankfully, there are no hammy jokes to be found in our pork recipes. Nope, they’re as serious as can be - serious, that is, about making mouths water and gravy boats empty. These three crackling takes on a classic are guaranteed to bring the Christmas cheer.

Christmas Seafood Recipes

Seafood, glorious seafood! Surely, it’s the one thing that sets the Aussie Christmas apart from the rest. And we’re sure these recipes will help set this Christmas meal apart from previous ones.  For starters, when was the last time you had Soft Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa at Christmas? Anyone who says they’ve had them are clearly fibbing - and are getting coal in their stocking.

Christmas Side Dishes Recipes

Please. The term side is an understatement. Our recipe elves have worked wonders to turn humble potatoes and sprouts into what could be considered meals in their own rights. But this is Christmas, and so these stupendous sides will look best alongside ham, turkey or seafood. Expect people to go back for seconds - or thirds.

Christmas Ham Recipes