Christmas Entrees

Kick off Christmas in style with a selection of mouthwateringly moreish nibbles. This year, we’ve really outdone ourselves by ticking off every kind of finger food worth getting your hands on. Savoury tart recipes, check. Juicy skewers, covered. And sausage roll starters to make the perfect Aussie Christmas even perfecter? Yes please. These finger foods are fancy as, and are the perfect way to get the show (sausage) rolling. The only downside? You’ll have to remind everyone to leave space for the rest of the meal. Grandad won’t be happy when you tell him to ease up on the canapes, but he’ll thank you by the time he gets to his second slice of pudd.

Tart Recipes

The wonderful thing about tarts is that despite their fancy appearance, they’re actually a doozy to pull off. There’s something about puff pastry that says ‘I’ve really gone extra mile here’. Now we all know the real credit goes to the pastry chef. But given that it’s Christmas, we’re sure they won’t mind you hogging the spotlight. Speaking of fancy - did someone say Emporium Selection goats cheese?

Skewer Recipes

Meat on a stick is always a crowd pleaser. It must have something to do with our primal instincts. But this is Christmas 2021, so expect modern marinades here. Sure, we’re sticking to the classics with chicken and beef options. But Massaman Beef and Green Onion? That’s not your everyday skewer. Chicken is paired with a lovely tomato salad; while the other beef option comes with a tomato vinaigrette.

Sausage Roll Recipes

The humble sausage roll, elevated to a Christmas starter. Truly, a Christmas miracle! Seriously though. The best thing about an Aussie Christmas is sticking it to tradition and putting a casual Aussie spin on things. Or, as we like to say: you can have your turkey and eat your sausage rolls, too. Feel free to leave some out for santa. He’ll love them.