Reindeer Cookies


  1. To prepare icing mix: In a bowl add butter and sifted cocoa powder and icing mixture.
  2. Place chocolate squares into a microwave container and melt.
  3. Beat cocoa mix and butter with an electric hand mixer. Add the milk and melted chocolate. Continue mixing for 3-4 minutes, until combined and creamy.
  4. Using a butter knife, spread icing mix to cover the front of each biscuit.
  5. Add two of the Teddy Tot biscuits to the top of the iced arrowroot to create antlers, a strawberry and cream lolly for the nose and two white choc bits (flat side up) for eyes.
  6. Once assembled, use a thin skewer or toothpick to add a dot of icing mix ‘pupils’ to the choc bit ‘eyes’.

RECIPE: Courtesy of Kelly - ALDI Test Kitchen