Vegan Christmas Cake Recipe

How to Make Vegan Christmas Cake


  1. Soak the berries, raisins, prunes and apricots in the brandy and apple juice for 24 hours.
  2. Preheat the oven to 140°C (120°C fan forced). Grease and line a baking tin.
  3. Mix together the flour, oil, sugar, spices, zest, almond meal and soaked fruits until well mixed.
  4. Warm half the soy milk with the vinegar and add the bicarb to the rest of the soy milk.
  5. Mix the two together and immediately mix in with the rest of the batter.
  6. Place in the baking tin and cook for approximately 2 hours.
  7. When removed, check it’s cooked by sticking a skewer or sharp knife into the cake. If it comes out clean it’s cooked.
  8. If you want to add alcohol, just poke a few holes in the cake and feed with brandy and/or port to your taste.

To make the icing:

  1. Use an electric mixer to beat the aquafaba until foamy.
  2. This should take a few minutes and double in size.
  3. Add the icing sugar in one go and mix until smooth and thick.
  4. The icing needs to be quite thick. Add the corn flour to get your desired consistency.

NOTE: Store cooked cake in an airtight container