Easy Banana Split


  1. Prepare by chilling your serving glasses in the freezer, while you are prepping your other ingredients.
  2. Peel slice up 4 bananas and place into a bowl.
  3. Squeeze the lemon juice over the bananas to stop them browning.
  4. Cut the last banana in half and then down the centre so you have 4 pieces of banana for the finishing touches to your Banana Splits.
  5. Remove the chilled glasses and divide the chocolate sauce between them, pouring into the bottom.
  6. Next add a dollop of whipped cream, then the chopped bananas.
  7. Add the ice cream ( if the glasses are tall you may need two scoops per person).
  8. Top with a little more cream, then the remaining chocolate sauce, crushed nuts (if using them) and finally the raspberry.
  9. Place the sliced banana in the side of the glass standing up.