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Nougat Limar Tins 150g

ea$7.99 $5.33 per 100g

Shortbread Tin 225g

ea$8.99 $4.00 per 100g

Turkish Delight 300g

ea$3.99 $1.33 per 100g

Seashells 250g or Truffles 160g

ea$3.99 $1.60/$2.49 per 100g

Rum or Mint Balls 175g

$3.99 $2.28 per 100g

Cocoa Dusted Truffles 200g

ea$3.99 $2.00 per 100g

Chocolate Thins 300g

ea$3.99 $1.33 per 100g

Chocolate Coated Nuts

ea$6.99 $1.25-$1.21 per 100g

Christmas Tree Cookies 200g

ea$3.99 $2.00 per 100g

Salted Caramels 180g

per pack$4.99 $2.77 per 100g

Gourmet Nougat 150g

per pack$4.99 $3.33 per 100g

Marzipan Filled Rounds 210g

per pack$4.99 $2.38 per 100g

Flaked Belgian Truffles 150g

per pack$4.99 $3.33 per 100g

Cherry Liqueurs 250g

$2.00 per 100g$4.99 per pack

Luxury Fudge 150g

$4.99 $3.33 per 100g

Swiss Praline Selection 128g

per pack$4.99 $3.90 per 100g

Sweet Crispbreads 150g

ea$5.99 $3.99 per 100g

Petits Fours 120g

$3.99 $3.33 per 100g

Gourmet Dessert Sauce 250ml

ea$4.99 $2.00 per 100ml

Italian Panforte 250g

$7.99 $3.20 per 100g

* While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities. Prices are correct at time of uploading and are subject to change.