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No matter how many friends, family or unexpected guests drop in, you’ll have no trouble keeping them entertained with our delicious range of treats, foods and Champagne.

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Sprinters Pretzel Tray 250g
$2.49 $1.00 per 100g
Specially Selected French Pâté 180g
ea$6.99 $38.83 per kg
Specially Selected Liverwurst 330g
ea$4.99 $15.12 per kg
Walkers Highland Oat Cakes 280g
$4.99 $1.78 per 100g
Specially Selected Puff Pastry Assortment 180g
$6.99 $3.88 per 100g
Damora Gourmet Cracker Selection 325g
$6.99 $2.15 per 100g
Forresters Festive Tray 550g
$7.99 $14.53 per kg
Arnott’s Cheeseboard Cracker Assortment 250g
$4.99 $2.00 per 100g
Artisan Cheese and Antipasto Platter 505g
$16.99 $33.31 per kg
Specially Selected White Stilton with Cranberries 200g
$5.99 $29.95 per kg
Philadelphia Sweet Chilli Philly 150g
$1.79 $1.19 per 100g
Black Swan Mexicana Dip 3pk/300g
$3.99 $1.33 per 100g
Specially Selected Gourmet Pâté 120g
$3.49 $2.91 per 100g
Deli Originals Fresh Antipasto Platter 1.2kg
$12.99 $10.83 per kg
Red Rock Deli Dips 150g
$3.49 $2.33 per 100g
Picasso Foods Olives 1kg
$9.99 $9.99 per kg
Specially Selected Truffle Salami 330g
$9.99 $30.27 per kg
San Daniele Tray 85g
$6.99 $82.24 per kg
Specially Selected Antipasto Platter 150g
$9.99 $66.60 per kg
Specially Selected Gourmet Gift Box
pk$14.99 $2.45 per 100g
Cuvée Deor The Gold Collection Prosecco 750ml
Monsigny Champagne Premier Cru 750ml
Entertaining Platters 335g-370g
ea$5.99 $17.88-$16.19 per kg
Choceur® Christmas Hazelnuts 125g
ea$2.99 $2.39 per 100g
Choceur® Christmas Cocoa Dusted Almonds 125g
ea$2.99 $2.39 per 100g
Choceur® Christmas Spiced Flavoured Almonds 125g
ea$2.99 $2.39 per 100g
Specially Selected Gourmet Salted Caramel Flavoured Macadamias 175g
$6.99 $39.94 per kg
Specially Selected Gourmet Macadamias 175g
$6.99 $39.94 per kg
Mascarpone 250g
$3.69 $14.76 per kg
Brooklea Brandy Flavoured Custard 1kg
$3.49 $35c per 100g
Dairy Dream Thick Thick Vanilla Flavoured Custard 900g
$2.99 33c per 100g
Westcliff Sparkling Apple Juice Blends 1.5L
ea$2.49 $1.66 per litre
Farmdale Fresh Egg Nog 1L
$3.29 $3.29 per litre
Sweet Vine Australian Currants or Raisins 300g
$2.49 ea$2.29 $7.63 per kg


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* While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities. Prices are correct at time of uploading and are subject to change.