Back to School Stationary

Colour Markers 24pk
Unit24pkCurrent Price$1.99*
Coloured Pencils 24pk
Unit24pkCurrent Price$1.99*
Correction Tape 2pk
Unit2pkCurrent Price$1.29*
Ballpoint Pen 10pk
Unit10pkCurrent Price99c*
Gel Ink Pens 20pk
Unit20pkCurrent Price$2.99*
Scissors Set 4pc
Unit4pcCurrent Price$4.99*
Assorted Stationery
UniteaCurrent Price49c*
Artist Pencils 12pk
Unit12pkCurrent Price$3.99*
Lead Pencil 12pk
Unit12pkCurrent Price$1.49*
Erasable Pen 2pk
Unit2pkCurrent Price$1.99*
Fineline Pen 4pk
Unit4pkCurrent Price$1.99*
Whiteboard Markers 4pk
Unit4pkCurrent Price$1.99*
Permanent Markers 4pk
Unit4pkCurrent Price$2.99*
Twist Crayons 12pk
Unit12pkCurrent Price$1.85*
Acrylic Artist Paint Tubes 100ml
UniteaCurrent Price99c*
Assorted School Glue 177ml
UniteaCurrent Price$1.99*
Glue Stick 4 x 21g
Unit4pkCurrent Price$1.99*
Highlighters 4pk
Unit4pkCurrent Price$1.99*
A4 Document Folders 10pk
Unit10pkCurrent Price$3.99*
A4 Binder or Exercise Book 128pg
UniteaCurrent Price65c*
Visual Art Diary 120pg
UniteaCurrent Price$2.99*
A4 Notebook 120pg
UniteaCurrent Price99c*
Display Book
UniteaCurrent Price69c*
DYMO Letra Tag XR Labelmaker
UnitCurrent Price$19.99*
DYMO Labels
UniteaCurrent Price$9.99*
Dry Erase Board
UniteaCurrent Price$4.99*
Scientific Calculator
UniteaCurrent Price$7.99*
Scrapbook 64pg
UniteaCurrent Price85c*
A5 Diary or Novelty Notebook
UniteaCurrent Price$5.99*
Hard Top, Pop-Out or Name Pencil Case
UniteaCurrent Price$6.99*
Clear 3M Book Covering
UnitCurrent Price99c*
Fashion 1M Book Covering
UniteaCurrent Price99c*
BTS Accessories
UniteaCurrent Price$7.99*
Fashion Stationery
UniteaCurrent Price$2.49*
Children’s Backpack
UniteaCurrent Price$14.99*
Tech Toppers
UniteaCurrent Price$7.99*
Licensed Stationery
UniteaCurrent Price$1.99*
Licensed Pencil Case
UniteaCurrent Price$3.99*

Special Buys on sale Wednesday 13 January, while stocks last*

* While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities. Prices are correct at time of uploading and are subject to change.