Product Description

Product Description

What is heat pump technology?

  • Heat pump dryers blow hot air over the clothes which extracts the moisture, then goes through an evaporator to dry your clothes
  • The moisture is collected in a water tank and that same air is conserved and recycled in the dryer, repeating the same process in a very energy-efficient process
  • Normal vented dryers just blow hot air onto your clothes repeatedly

Major benefits include

  • Very energy efficient and safer on the environment
  • Cheaper to run and saves household costs on power bills
  • The recycled air process is a lot gentler on clothes

6 star energy rating

  • On average it uses 50% less power per load to run a heat pump dryer cycle than it does to run a vented dryer cycle
  • It can save households up to $1600 over the lifetime of the product (10 years) for customers who use their dryer a ‘few’ times a week
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7kg capacity 

  • Perfect for couples and small families to adequately dry clothes, sheets and other laundered items
  • Delay start feature
  • Dimensions: 845mm(H) x 595mm(W) x 622mm(D)

16 drying programs

  • 16 different drying programs, including jeans, sports, delicates and baby care
  • See full chart below

Anti-crease function 

  • At the end of the drying cycle, the machine will continue to  operate for 30 minutes (default) or 120 minutes (selected) intermittently, with cold air to remove wrinkles from the clothes

˚Product is likely to cause injury to customer if risk controls are not utilise

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