Product Description

Product Description

  • Available in a Spice Rack, Stepped Spice Rack, Utility Basket, Cupboard Organiser, Vertical Organiser or Plate Rack

Spice Rack

  • Option to attach to wall by screw sets
  • Size: 33.5cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 8cm(H)

Stepped Spice Rack

  • Includes non-slip feet
  • Size: 26cm(W) x 24.2cm(D) x 11cm(H)

Utility Basket

  • 2 metal plates with holes at top for ability to attach to wall by screw sets
  • Size: 25cm(W) x 12cm(D) x 18cm(H)

Cupboard Organiser

  • Includes non-slip feet
  • Size: 42.5cm(W) x 20cm(D) x 14.5cm(H)

Vertical Organiser

  • Holds up to 4 chopping boards
  • Size: 24cm(W) x 25cm(D) x 20cm(H)

Plate Rack

  • Holds up to 8 plates (3 tier)
  • Size: 26.5cm(W) x 25.5cm(D) x 21cm(H)

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