Product Description

Product Description

  • Vegan, Fridge, Pantry, Australiana or Salad
  • FSC certified
  • 3+ years

Wooden Vegan Set

  • Create your own snacks
  • Total: 8 pieces

Wooden Pantry Set

  • Stack up your pantry
  • Total: 7 pieces

Wooden Fridge Set

  • Get ready for snack time
  • Create your own delicious meal
  • Total: 8 pieces

Wooden Salad Set

  • Prepare a healthy salad with felt vegetable leaves
  • Serve on matching plates
  • Total: 23 pieces

Wooden Australiana Set

  • Includes beetroot and pineapple to make your Aussie burger stack
  • Tasty lamington and fairy bread treats
  • Iconic Australian meat pie and tomato sauce
  • Total: 15 pieces

* While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities.