Product Description

Product Description

  • Quality wood construction with brightly coloured painted finish
  • 5 variants available

Wooden Fruit Set

  • Includes tray, knife, pear, apple, banana, orange, kiwifruit, lemon and watermelon slice

Wooden Sandwich Set

  • Includes cutting board and knife, plate, 4 x bread slices, bread roll, 2 x tomato slices, cucumber slice, cheese slice, salad and sauce bottle

Wooden Salad Set

  • Includes plastic bowl, 2 sets fork and spoon, 2 x plates, 2 x bottles, shaker and assorted salad

Wooden Fridge Set

  • Includes bologna, milk carton, cheese, orange juice, butter, waffle, frozen vegetables, ice cream cup and yogurt cup

Wooden Pantry Set

  • Includes Golden Vale Wheat Biscuits, Bramwell's Peanut Butter, Remano Spaghetti, The Soup Co. Tomato Soup, Corale Baked Beans, Stonemill Salt Grinder, Stonemill Black Pepper Grinder, Belmont Biscuit Co Assorted Biscuit Selection, Dominion Naturals Party Mix Pack and Ocean Rise Tuna can

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