Sustainable Farming

As a responsible retailer, we are committed to working with our suppliers to deliver products that are responsibly sourced.

We work closely with third party certification schemes to improve the traceability of our products and support our responsible sourcing policies. By meeting the strict standards set by these certification bodies, we can ensure that our products and our practices (for workers at the farm level) are socially and environmentally sustainable. Find out about our sustainable farming policies below. 

sustainable palm oil banner

At ALDI, we know that illegal and poorly managed palm oil production contributes to climate change, which is why in our own label products we use 100% certified sustainable palm oil and palm kernal oil.

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animal welfare banner

Animals are sentient beings and we believe they should be treated with respect, care and consideration. At ALDI, we are committed to the highest industry standards of animal welfare across our supply chain.

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sustainable fish seafood banner

100% of our fish and seafood range is responsibly or sustainably sourced. ALDI requires all private label fish to be independently verified as ecologically responsible. We are improving the transparency of our labelling and helping our customers learn more about where their fish comes from. We also work closely with non-government industry bodies such as the Marine Stewardship Council.

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responsible sourced coffee tea cocoa banner

At ALDI, we stock our shelves with Fairtrade certified coffee, tea and cocoa. Find out how you can make your morning cuppa a sustainable one with responsibly sourced products.

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