Beauty Products

Our Lacura range is perfect for those who want quality skin, face and body care without the salon price tag. Each product is individually formulated to provide the most effective treatment, no matter what your lifestyle or age. And all Lacura beauty essentials products are dermatologically approved so you know you’re getting the real deal.

For all your daily facial care needs, the Lacura range has natural face scrub, skin serum, night cream, day cream, wrinkle cream and face cream for women. When ther day is done, feel revitalised with face wipes, cleansing wipes, foam wash and more for young and mature skin. Feel confident in the skin you're in.

Tricare Liquid Soap 250ml
UniteaCurrent Price$1.99 Unit price 80c per 100ml
Tricare Liquid Soap Refill 1L
UniteaCurrent Price$3.19 Unit price 32c per 100ml
Juliet Soap Bar 5 Pack
UniteaCurrent Price$3.49 Unit price 70c per 100g
Juliet Assorted Body Shower Gel 1L
Unit1LCurrent Price$4.29 Unit price 43c per 100ml
Juliet® Shower Gel 500ml
UniteaCurrent Price$2.39 Unit price 48c per 100ml
Tricare® Family Soap 8pk
Unit8pkCurrent Price$4.29 Unit price 54c per 100g
Tricare Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash 250ml
Unit250mlCurrent Price$2.49 Unit price $1.00 per 100ml
Tricare Foaming Hand Wash Refill 500ml
Unit500mlCurrent Price$1.69 Unit price 34c per 100ml
Protane Hair Spray 400g
Unit400gCurrent Price$4.39 Unit price $1.10 per 100g
Ombra Sunscreen SPF50+ 100ml
UniteaCurrent Price$2.89 Unit price $2.89 per 100ml
Tricare Goat’s Milk Soap 3 pack
Unit3pkCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price $1.33 per 100g
Protane Argan Oil or Coconut Milk Shampoo 400ml
UniteaCurrent Price$5.99 Unit price $1.50 per 100ml
Protane Argan Oil or Coconut Milk Conditioner 400ml
UniteaCurrent Price$5.99 Unit price $1.50 per 100ml
Verde Hand Wash 500ml
UniteaCurrent Price$4.99 Unit price $1.00 per 100ml
Verde Hand Wash Refill 1L
UniteaCurrent Price$8.49 Unit price 85c per 100ml
Kids Funtime 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Bodywash 500ml
Unit500mlCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price 80c per 100ml
Protane Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml
Unit400mlCurrent Price$4.29 Unit price $1.07 per 100ml
HairTresses Shampoo or Conditioner 940ml
Unit940mlCurrent Price$6.29 Unit price 67c per 100ml
Tricare Instant Hand Sanitiser 250ml
UniteaCurrent Price$3.99 Unit price $1.60 per 100ml